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The 20 best recovery blogs

Communication is one of the best support mechanisms when recovering from addiction. Building relations and having people to turn to when in recovery (whether that is drug rehab, alcohol rehab or beyond) can help overcome feelings of isolation and loneliness often associated with addiction. In an age where the internet is easily accessed, many people look for this communication online. This is known as internet recovery and can take the form of online rehab programmes, forums and blogs.

The best recovery blogs can provide that extra level of support that many recovering addicts need, offering in depth recovery information and advice on abstinence. More often than not, these blogs are written by individuals who have overcome their addiction and therefore, they are able to understand exactly what others are going through.

best sobriety blogs

Due to the positive impact recovery blogs can provide throughout a person’s recovery, at Port of Call, we decided to compile a list of the best blogs about addiction, to help individuals receive the extra support they may need.

Best Addiction Recovery Blogs

Here are Port of Call’s 20 best addiction recovery blogs:

1) The Sobriety Collective

The Sobriety Collective is edgy, fun and modern. One of the best sobriety blogs on the internet, the author, Laura, takes away the stigma attached to addiction. An instant comfort is felt when you enter the site and are encouraged to ‘Join the Movement’.

2) Mrs D is Going Without

This blog discusses the experience of early sobriety. The writer became sober without any help, so can offer valuable advice about life after drink. She found help online, making this blog the perfect destination for others who are seeking support from the online community.

3) An Addict in our Son’s bedroom

This is one of the best drug addiction blogs for family and friends of an addict or person in recovery. Seeing a loved one go through addiction can be the hardest time of anyone’s life and this very honest account provides comfort for anyone that knows somebody going through addiction treatment.

4) Port of Call

The Port of Call team is made up of people in recovery and professionals who are trained in addictions counselling. Our main aim is to provide help to those who need it and the blog offers advice for those seeking treatment and their family members alike.

5) Yoga and Recovery

Yoga is all about reaching a calm, centred, state of mind and the author of this blog channels these thoughts in order to achieve sobriety. This blog would be useful for anyone who is looking for a way to prevent relapse and maintain their active recovery by engaging in physical activity.

6) The Fix

The Fix is a good recovery blog as it offers different perspectives on addiction from a number of authors. The blog offers both personal accounts and expert voices.

7) Sober Living

Sober living is a niche blog, offering advice on living soberly. The blog provides guidance on staying sober when attending social events or going on holiday and even includes handy and delicious mocktail recipes.

8) Addiction Blog

Addiction Blog consists of a network of writers and bloggers, interested in addiction treatment. This blog looks at alternative methods of treating addiction and achieving recovery.

9) It’s a Lush Life

Starting in 2012 after the death of her brother, Allison provides a very honest account of what it was like living with an alcohol addiction and life in recovery.

10) Veronica Valli

Veronica loves being sober and she tells us why in her personal account in dealing with addiction and sobriety.

11) A Hangover Free Life

Lucy offers personal stories about overcoming addiction and staying sober. This is a great blog for alcoholics in recovery as she also writes about interesting addiction webinars and interviews.

12) She Recovers

This blog is dedicated to women that are going through addiction recovery. Offering advice on living soberly. This is a great blog for women looking for further support in maintaining their sobriety.

13) Recovery Revolution

Since Right Now focuses on the benefits of living soberly and life after drinking. The author also has a podcast, discussing different addiction issues in each episode.

14) Addiction & Recovery News

Addiction and Recovery News focuses on the stigma, media coverage and research surrounding drug and alcohol addiction. Created by the owner of Dawn Farm, a non for profit treatment centre in America, the blog was originally designed to inform the staff at the farm and inadvertently became a source of help to those who need it.

15) Soberia

Following the journey of Amy, a wife and mother living in South Carolina, this blog is great motivation for recovering alcoholics who are struggling with abstinence.

16) Hip Sobriety

In her blog, Holly Glen Whitaker proves that anybody can suffer from addiction. Her stories and journey shows how crucial a powerful mindset can be in helping you overcome your addiction.

17) Last Call

Reading Nancy’s daily account of sober life proves that happiness can come out of the darkest times. The blog documents life events and brings addiction awareness to others.

18) Twelve Wellness

The author of this blog is a registered nutrition therapist who provides holistic therapy for addiction and recovery through food and fitness. She helps everyone lead a healthier, addiction-free lifestyle.

19) Sober Senorita

Sober Senorita shows us you don’t need to drink to have the best time of your life. She shares her experiences and accomplishments since becoming sober and explains how it wouldn’t have been possible had she carried on abusing alcohol.

20) The Immortal Alcoholic

Linda shares her experiences of living with an alcoholic husband for over 40 years, discussing the effects of alcohol and the impact of meeting people who have shared similar experiences.

If you are looking to gain immediate admission into rehab, whether it is for either yourself, or a loved one, make us your first Port of Call. We can help you to access the right addiction help at the right time, throughout the UK – from addiction rehab in Manchester, all the way down to London. Please do not suffer in silence. Take the first step towards recovery by speaking to one of our confidential advisers for free on 08000029010, or simply send an email to

best addiction recovery blogs

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