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Alcohol rehab centres offer help and support, usually in a residential setting, to overcome alcohol dependence.

Detox is only one element of the process and focuses on the physical withdrawal of alcohol and the management of associated symptoms.

Rehab is about uncovering and addressing the underlying issues that led to alcoholism and introducing and testing techniques to avoid relapse.

It may be possible to access alcohol rehab via the NHS, though in reality demand is high and resources few. It may be difficult and time-consuming to get a referral, but you may wish to discuss your options with your GP.

Finding the right alcohol rehab for you is a very personal process and depends on your own circumstances, needs and preferences.

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When alcohol rehab may be necessary?

Not all alcohol-dependent people will require rehab to begin recovery. It may be possible to find support in the community and to successfully leave dependency behind.

Alcohol rehab can be particularly relevant to people who have tried other treatment options in the past and continue to have a problem with drinking or have returned to dependency. If you have a loved one in denial, an intervention can be supported by the team here at Port of Call.

Rehab is an opportunity to tackle addiction with professional and medical support. That may include drugs to ease withdrawal symptoms, psychological support, counselling, input from therapists and group and/or one-to-one counselling.

There are many examples of individuals who were unable to sustain recovery from alcohol addiction following previous attempts, only to be successful after entering rehab.

Types of alcohol rehab

Some people are well suited to a strict boot-camp style approach, others need a more compassionate and caring environment. Some people already know the traditional 12-step approach – the abstinence-based model pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous, does not work for or appeal to them.

For some, the privacy of their own room is important, others are happy to enjoy the potential cost savings of sharing a room or may feel isolated by being alone.

You may be seeking a luxury-standard rehab with the feel of a hotel providing medical support and professional counselling options. You may feel daunted by the thought of entering rehab where the other occupants are too dissimilar to you. Perhaps you’d prefer a single-sex environment.

There are rehab centres to fit any of these requirements. Effective alcohol rehab is a collaborative and individualised service.

Many rehab clinics advise 28 days of residential rehab is the minimum for the most benefit, however, a shorter stay can still be effective.

Aftercare will be part of your rehab package and many centres also offer support to families.

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How to choose a rehab centre

There are alcohol rehab centres across the UK, each with their own specialisms, pricing structure, pros and cons.

Being close to home may be important to you, but it’s useful to remember that the closest rehab centre is not always the one best suited to your needs. Some people actually prefer to go further afield to get away from things.

As experts in the field, our call handlers have spent many years getting to know the detail of the type of clientele each centre tends to attract, its approach and the exact nature of what it offers.

We’re happy to offer advice and guidance on all aspects of the alcohol detox and rehab centres on offer.

To find out more about the services available please do contact us. Our team all has personal experience of addiction and is happy to answer your questions.

Further information about centres is also available via our find rehab page.

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