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Luxury Drug Rehab

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Luxury drug rehab offers abstinence based programmes aimed at helping individuals break free from a drug dependency or addiction, with an added level of care, support and luxury amenities. Luxury drug treatment centres enable individuals to start their journey towards a drug-free life, in the comfort of a spa-like residential facility, providing a rigorous programme of support and care. High-end drug rehabs are often made up of highly qualified clinical teams and members of staff, that are on hand to help you through your time at rehab.

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A common misconception around luxury drug rehab facilities, is that they are often very costly and unaffordable (which is why many people seek out free rehab) and that they cater solely to the rich and famous. However, executive drug rehab centres cater to anyone looking for drug addiction treatment and are accessible to many people suffering from drug addiction, thanks to the various funding options that are available.

Executive drug rehab success rate

Recovering without the level of support offered at a drug rehab facility, let alone a luxury rehab facility, can be particularly difficult and the success rate is often much lower. This is because, at an executive drug rehab centre, addiction specialists are able to help you take the steps you desperately need to make your path towards recovery as smooth as can be.

Luxury drug treatment centres

Often, an inpatient luxury drug treatment centre is a popular option for anyone recovering from drug addiction as it provides the option of recovery in a ‘temptation-free’ environment. Recovering from drug addiction can be very challenging in itself, therefore encountering temptations on a daily basis can make the process even tougher. In a luxury drug rehab facility, individuals receive a high level of support from clinicians, minimising the chance of relapse.

Luxury Alcohol Rehab Centre, Surrey South East England

Choosing an exclusive drug rehab

When choosing a luxury drug rehab, it is important to ensure that an individuals’ needs are met, making the recovery process as straightforward as possible, through treatment plans devised for the individual. A luxury drug treatment centre offers the support of staff and trained professionals who can offer expert care and individual treatment.

Exclusive drug rehabs offer different treatment options and amenities. Choosing a luxury drug treatment centre should be based on the amount of care, the location and price of treatment, ensuring that the facilities are suited to your personal needs. Port of Call can help you choose the one that is right for you.

If you are looking for a high-end drug rehab that offers specific luxury facilities and programmes, please call our addiction specialists for free today on 08000029010, so that we can help guide you towards the most appropriate luxury drug rehab treatment centre for you.

What to expect from luxury drug rehab

The majority of luxury drug treatment centres include private living quarters, including a private en-suite room. Exclusive drug rehabs often feature an in-house chef, meaning individual dietary needs can be met through bespoke meal plans. Internet accessibility is often provided and a high level of personal care is offered to each individual. Below are some of the facilities that can be expected at a high-end drug rehab:

  • Discrete/Private
  • Bespoke treatment
  • Luxurious living quarters
  • Superb facilities
  • High levels of support from expert clinicians
  • Smaller staff to patient ratios

Often, exercise is seen as an important element in an addiction treatment plan in order to minimise any feelings of depression and anxiety, sometimes associated with drug addiction. At an executive drug rehab centre, activities such as horseback riding, swimming and yoga are often available, in order to keep the mind and body occupied throughout the drug withdrawal process. Exercise also allows individuals to begin their path to a healthier life.

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Port of Call works with a trusted network of the best clinicians from luxury drug treatment centres throughout the UK. We offer free, impartial and expert guidance to help you find the right high-end drug rehab option for you. Call us today for free, on 08000029010, for expert and confidential drug addiction recovery advice.

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