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Gambling Rehab

There may be as many as 450,000 problem gamblers in the United Kingdom. Problem gambling can have a negative impact on your personal finances as your attempts to win back losses become unmanageable. Spending wages, savings and any spare cash, as well as building up excessive debts, are all common traits of a gambling problem.

However, the effects can reach beyond money alone. Gambling addicts often feel isolated in pursuit of chasing loses. You might neglect your responsibilities or stay away from work in order to gamble. Relationships and social engagements may become increasingly less important in comparison to your preoccupation with gambling.

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Rehabilitation or rehab is a course of treatment for addiction or dependency, often at a residential facility. Rehabs tend to be abstinence based and provide an intense programme of support and care aimed at people who have difficulty changing their addictive or compulsive behaviours.

At Port of Call we understand how life-destroying a gambling addiction can be. We work with the best gambling rehab centres and gambling addiction experts in the country to help people overcome their gambling addiction, once and for all. There are many gambling treatment options available and we can help navigate you to the best gambling rehab option. Please call us for free today on 08000029010, for expert and confidential gambling advice.

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If you are worried that your gambling habits, or those of a loved one, could be out of control then you may want to contact us. We can help you to navigate towards the right help at the right time. Please call our free phone line on 08000029010.

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