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Alcohol and drug rehab in Leicester

We are an intermediary organisation that provides independent referrals to alcohol rehab in Leicester, drug rehab in Leicester and other addiction support services.

Our advice is based on our dealings in the sector and personal experience of addiction.

We have talked to countless individuals through the process of getting help for themselves or a loved one and also provide workplace support to forward-thinking organisations.

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Help with addiction in Leicester

We strive to find the most appropriate addiction treatment for you in Leicester and even a little further afield across the East Midlands.

We’re part of an extensive network of therapists, counsellors, detox centres and rehab clinics.

Through our extensive experience of dealing with people battling with problem drinking and substance use, we understand that addiction isn’t just a physical problem. Issues with mental health – including anxiety, depression, stress or past trauma – are very often interwoven with addiction and need to be addressed as part of recovery. 

For information around what is available, call our free phone line today, text us on 08000029010 or email

Helping an addict who is in denial in Leicester

We provide advice and support to enable a formal intervention, with the support of a counsellor or interventionist, to help someone in denial face their problem and begin recovery. 

What happens in rehab in Leicester?

Rehab involves medically supervised and supported detox to achieve abstinence.

Crucially, it also has the addition of associated counselling, complementary therapies, group sessions or one-to-ones to uncover trigger points for addiction and help clients develop strategies to stay clean.

Rehab costs vary depending on factors including the level of catering and accommodation required. En-suite rooms, rehab centres with gym facilities and in particularly sought-after settings are available at a premium. Costs for more basic residential rehab environments are likely to begin at £1,500 per week.

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Call today for free & confidential advice on 08000029010 (International: +44 161 674 9049)

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  • Help with the next step in tackling your addiction.
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