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Alcohol and drug rehab in Chester-le-Street

It’s sometimes easy to think you’re alone when facing a problem with addiction, perhaps especially if you don’t live in a large city, but, however you feel, there are others in the same boat.

If you’re seeking alcohol rehab in Chester Le Street, drug rehab in Chester Le Street or help with any other addiction in the area – it is available.

There are support and services within reach and at Port of Call we make it our mission to signpost people to the best options for their individual circumstances and needs.

Help with addiction in Chester Le Street

We have access to detailed information around therapists, detox services, counselling and rehab that is accessible to those who live or work in the Chester Le Street area.

Through our workplace support services, we help responsible employers provide support and safety nets to their workers on top of our mainstay work with individuals and families.

If you feel you, a loved-one, employee or co-worker has an issue with addiction in Chester Le Street do contact us for an initial, no obligation chat about the options available to you.

We’re available day or night on via text or call us free, from landline or mobile, on 08000029010
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Helping an addict who is in denial in Chester Le Street

It can be notoriously difficult to get someone to face their own addiction issues and we understand the trauma, fear and frustration of being in that situation.

If you have tried and not yet been successful to get someone to accept they need help or fear that your pleas will not be met well, we are happy to offer advice about making a more formal or supported intervention – a structured conversation and approach to the person setting out the impact of their illness.

What happens in rehab in Chester Le Street

Whilst there are options for rehab close to Chester Le Street, rehab does not have to take place on your doorstep.

Rehab is a unique opportunity to step out of everyday life, stop the cycle of addiction and unhealthy habits and get back on track. Some clients decide that is better done further afield.

Our promise at Port of Call is to work with you to understand the needs and requirements of the individuals involved and find a solution that works.

Good rehab will involve elements of detox – a physical removal of the addictive substance or behaviour and support to manage any withdrawal symptoms – in co-ordination with help and support to uncover how the addiction grew and took hold and how to maintain recovery from it.

Local rehab centres in Chester-le-Street

Addiction Treatment Centre, Sunderland, North East

North East Rehab Clinic
Addiction Recovery Centre, Calderdale, West Yorkshire

Addiction Treatment Centre Northumberland
Addiction Treatment Clinic, Scarborough, Yorkshire

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