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Alcohol and drug rehab in Northumberland

If you’ve got to the stage of searching for ‘alcohol rehab in Northumberland’ or ‘drug rehab in Northumberland,’ you may be feeling determined and driven or, just as likely, fearful and unsure. Perhaps a combination of the two?

Either way, keeping up the momentum now is vital to ensure this first step becomes a move toward a lasting change.

Port of Call is an advice, signposting and booking service where our call operators have the time, empathy and life experience to listen to your particular circumstance and offer options for recovery to fit your needs – whether you are the one with the problem or if it’s someone close to you.

Help with addiction in Northumberland

Help with addiction, accessible to those in Northumberland, comes in a variety of forms. However, when dependence has become severe or particularly entrenched residential rehab is often the best option.

There are community support groups, detox day centres, therapists and counsellors who specialise in addiction treatment and any of those may be a sensible first step for you to consider.

Residential rehab is often a turning point even for those who have started to give up hope of living a life free from addiction and a line of treatment we strongly recommend to those looking to combat their addiction.

Helping an addict who is in denial in Northumberland

Helping someone who is in denial is a difficult and challenging path, but know first that if you have a sense that their drinking, drug use or other addictive behaviour has become a problem – you should not ignore your instinct. Addicts very often need the prompt of others to find the help they need.

We provide workplace support services for employers who want to ensure their teams can get help and identify issues – these things affect so many people even those who are apparently functioning normally.

We can also advise and support families and friends on how best to approach the people they are worried about to make it most likely they’ll listen and, vitally, accept help.

What happens in rehab in Northumberland?

Rehab in Northumberland can be provided in a treatment centre set in a secluded setting in beautiful countryside where there are opportunities for outdoor activities and space.

Equally, there are options available that are less idyllic but equally effective. Private rehab is usually most effective with stays of at least 28 days – but lesser stays may be possible, depending on individual circumstances.

Different rehab centres have different specialisms and tendencies to attract different clients. Some may be better set up to support pregnant women, others mature businessmen but we can help you find the right location for you.

We can offer insight into the best option for you. Get in touch today.

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