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Alcohol and drug rehab in Poulton-le-Fylde

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, residential rehab in Poulton Le Fylde is an effective way to kick toxic habits and begin a healthier life.

Port of Call is based in the north west and we pride ourselves on our network of premium rehab facilities in this region. You might be looking for a rehab centre close to home, or perhaps you would prefer to escape somewhere further afield. Either way, Port of Call can help.

When you’re looking for drug rehab in Poulton Le Fylde, alcohol rehab in Poulton Le Fylde or detoxing therapy plans, call us to discuss the options.

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Help with addiction in Poulton Le Fylde

When it comes to long-lasting recovery, nothing compares to residential rehab. If you want to take the first step towards a future clear of addiction. Port of Call can help.

Making the move to rehab is a huge step – that’s why it works so well. Some people prefer to stay close to home for drug detox treatments, while others find distance is a blessing. You can sometimes save money by comparing rehab centres in Lancashire with the rest of the UK.

Our network of rehab centres includes tailored care such as family facilities and private spaces for men and women. If you have complex needs, we can match you to an appropriate rehab centre. Call us on 08000029010, text or email for guidance on taking the first step.

Helping an addict who is in denial in Poulton Le Fylde

Dealing with an adult child, colleague or spouse’s addiction can be a frustrating process. Often, it is difficult for them to view their addiction with clarity.

An intervention is sometimes the only way to set your loved one on the road to recovery. We can also provide leading corporate support to ensure your workforce is supported if they should ever find themselves struggling with addictive substances.

What happens in rehab in Poulton Le Fylde?

Every rehabilitation centre is unique, but most centres focus on creating a safe environment where withdrawal is managed and new habits can be forged.

Many programmes last from 28 to 90 days, with great facilities and aftercare also thrown in. With access to a wide range of private providers, residential rehab may not cost as much as you think.

Call us free on 08000029010, text or email to talk through every treatment plan.

Local rehab centres in Poulton-le-Fylde

Addiction Treatment Centre, Lancashire, North WestAddiction Treatment Centre, Lancashire, North West
Addiction Treatment Centre, Lancaster, North WestAddiction Treatment Centre, Lancaster

Addiction Treatment Centre, Cheshire, North WestAddiction Treatment Centre, Cheshire, North West

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Call today for free & confidential advice on 08000029010 (International: +44 161 674 9049)

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