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Addiction Rehab in Scotland

At Port of Call, we offer a wide range of addiction support services across Scotland. From securing a place in drug or alcohol rehab, through to organising a detox programme or setting up addiction counselling – Port of Call are here to guide you or someone close to you, towards the most suitable course of treatment. With a range of addiction treatment clinics across Scotland, including private rehab centres near Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, St Andrews or Ayrshire, Port of Call will give you the support you need at every stage of the journey.

Alcohol Rehab Scotland
Facing up to the fact that you, someone in your family, or a friend may have a problem with alcohol or drug addiction is tough. Reaching out to find the right drug or alcohol rehab facility can be a struggle. At Port of Call, we can help ease you through this process. For expert and confidential guidance on how to find an addiction treatment clinic or private rehab centre in Scotland that will suit you best, call us free today on 08000029010.

Here are some of the ways in which we can help you:

  • A thorough assessment based on your needs and wants
  • Immediate, independent access to local rehab treatment centres
  • Face-to-face support with trusted clinicians & addiction experts
  • Structured interventions to help someone in denial
  • A tailored treatment plan to maximise successful recovery
  • Local support for family members, friends and colleagues

Why use Port of Call in Scotland

Rehab Centres in Scotland

Port of Call has an extensive network of rehab centres across the UK, including Scotland. We can offer specialised face-to-face addiction assessments or interventions to help convince someone in denial that they need professional treatment. We can also arrange immediate access to rehab, and other different treatment options, close to your family and friends, who we can also support in the process.

Alcohol Rehab Scotland

There are many Alcohol Rehab centres in and around Scotland that can accommodate for a variety of needs. Port of Call can help you access these services and takes the hassle out of securing swift and effective alcohol treatment in your area. Alcohol rehabilitation or alcohol abuse rehab is a course of treatment for alcohol addiction or dependency, often at a residential alcohol rehab centre. Alcohol Rehabs in and around Scotland tend to be abstinence based and provide an intense programme of support from a local clinical team who can administer a safe and gradual detox programme.

Drug Rehab Scotland

If you require drug treatment and are looking for Drug Rehab in Scotland, we can arrange immediate admission to a drug rehab centre that’s conveniently located for you and your family. Rehabs tend to be abstinence based and provide an intense programme of support and care aimed at people who have difficulty becoming free from drug abuse without intensive support. Finding a drug rehab near Scotland enables you to continue receiving ongoing support from loved ones nearby during this trying time.

Cocaine Rehab Scotland

Cocaine treatment is widely available across our trusted network of Scotland rehab centres for cocaine addiction help. Treatment for cocaine dependency requires specialist expertise and Port of Call has access to the best local clinicians and counsellors in your area that can help you to regain control of your life from this powerful and highly addictive drug.

Recommended Scotland Rehab Centres

Scotland Rehab Centre
Addiction Rehab Centre, Ayrshire, Scotland


Your first Port of Call for Scotland Rehab Treatment

Port of Call works with a trusted network of the best clinicians and rehab facilities in Scotland for tackling drug, alcohol and cocaine addiction. We offer free, independent and specialist advice to help you find the right addiction rehab option for you. Affordable treatment is available and recovery is possible.

Coming to terms with the fact that you, or someone you know, has a problem with alcohol or drug addiction can be a difficult and confusing time. If you live in Scotland and need addiction support, please call us for free today on 08000029010, for expert and confidential alcohol addiction advice.

Mike’s Rehab Story

Michael, 50, from Aberdeen is a recovering alcoholic. After joining the navy at 16, he went on to enjoy a varied and interesting career at sea. Following a surprise attack whilst on duty in the Gulf, Michael was left traumatised and began to drink. After a while, his drinking began to affect his ability to work and he was ultimately dismissed. Losing his career made Michael depressed which only made his drinking worse. It was the chance comment of a friend that put him in touch with Port of Call. “I had no idea my drinking had got so out of control. I knew that if I didn’t stop, I ran the risk of losing my family and my friends. My daughter was about to get married and had told me she didn’t want me at the wedding if I couldn’t behave myself. I knew then it was time to get help.”

Michael contacted Port of Call to arrange alcohol rehab in Aberdeen and, though it was a tough road to travel, he is now enjoying his sobriety and every day is looking brighter. “Without Port of Call I’d have lost my family. Now I can look forward to my daughter’s baby arriving. I can be a grandad she can be proud of.”

To find out how Port of Call helped others achieve active recovery in Scotland, read through some of our alcohol recovery stories.

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