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Alcohol and drug rehab in Brighton

Drug rehab in Brighton and alcohol rehab in Brighton is not required by a specific type of person, with a specific type of background or specific financial or family circumstances.

As with rehab across the UK and the South East area, people from all walks of life may find themselves in need of the services offered and there should be no stigma or shame attached. Addiction is something that can infiltrate any family and any life. Seeking help is a positive and admirable thing to do.

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Help with addiction in Brighton

There’s a wide variety of help for those with an addiction in Brighton and the surrounding area, including charity-backed schemes, community support groups, statutory services and private offers.

Our specialism is in detailed knowledge of private residential rehab – a treatment form that we often see is the most effective for those whose alcohol or drug use has started causing consequences in their lives.

We’re happy to signpost to other services as well as discuss with you whether rehab is an option to consider. If it is, we can answer questions on the different centres that operate across the UK, organise visits to them, where required and book immediate places, if desired.

Helping an addict who is in denial in Brighton

Addicts are sometimes the last people to accept or acknowledge their own problem. Denial is a huge part of addiction.

If you wish to get help for someone who is in denial in Brighton, we can talk you through ways of best starting the conversation with them. In addition, we are happy to supply details of the treatment options that may be appropriate for them to allow positive and focused discussion.

What happens in rehab in Brighton?

Rehab in Brighton will vary depending on the specific setting and centre you choose.

Broadly, private residential rehab involves going to stay for a set period at a facility with other people in recovery and specialists on hand to provide all the support you need. The Care Quality Commission oversees and regulates private rehab centres to ensure safety and standards.

Centres may be hotel-like in appearance, with top quality facilities, including gyms, swimming pools and grounds, plush accommodation and catering. More simple solutions are also available depending on your budget and requirements.

Private residential rehab costs are likely to begin at around £1,500 per week. Please do contact us to discuss your requirements and payment options.

Local rehab centres near Brighton

Addiction Treatment Centre, Bristol, South WestAddiction Treatment Centre, Kent, South East
Addiction Treatment Centre, Surrey, South EastAddiction Treatment Centre, Surrey, South East
Addiction Treatment Centre, Woking, South EastAddiction Treatment Centre, Woking, South East

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Call today for free & confidential advice on 08000029010 (International: +44 161 674 9049)

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