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Alcohol and drug rehab in Epping

Whether you’re worried about a friend or have had enough of living life with a dependency, Port of Call is here for you and can provide free and confidential guidance about addiction treatment.

Addiction can quickly consume your life and is difficult for everyone involved, no matter how directly.

We can advise you on all of the best programs for alcohol rehab in Epping as well as drug rehab in Epping, if that’s what you require.

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Help with addiction in Epping

Port of Call has the ability to refer those dealing with addiction to a vast range of support groups, counsellors and detox centres close to Epping. As a city based close to London, there are plenty of options near your home, as well as quieter locations such as Chelmsford and Hertfordshire, if that’s what is preferred. Either way, you can expect to receive in-depth detail about the most appropriate treatment for the situation at hand, whether it be for you or someone else.

As well as organising the initial treatment, Port of Call can also put together an aftercare plan to help you sustain your recovery.

Helping an addict who is in denial in Epping

It can be distressing to see someone you love in the throes of addiction, especially when they’re in denial about it. If you’re worried about the health or behaviour of this person, it may be worth considering staging an intervention in an attempt to get them to seek treatment. This is an incredibly effective method that helps the addict see their behaviour from a new perspective as their loved ones share their thoughts.

Port of Call can help you come up with a plan for your intervention, including who will attend and the basics of what should be said.

What happens in rehab in Epping?

Known to be an intensive treatment for addiction, rehab allows you to prioritise your recovery and provides you with a peaceful place to reconnect with sobriety. Withdrawal and the triggers for your addiction will be tackled during your stay. The length of time you stay in rehab is decided by those treating you and will be based on various factors relating to your addiction.

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Call today for free & confidential advice on 08000029010 (International: +44 161 674 9049)

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