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Addiction Rehab in Yorkshire

At Port of Call, we can connect you to a wide network of addiction support services, across the Yorkshire region. From addiction counselling and detox programmes to booking a space in a rehab centre, whatever your situation, our expert team of advisers are here to make sure you, or a loved one, are directed to the most appropriate treatment option. With a range of addiction treatment services available across Yorkshire, including Sheffield, Leeds, Durham, York, Huddersfield, Rotherham, Middlesborough and Halifax, Port of Call are here to advise and support you, or someone you care for, at every stage of the recovery journey.

Alcohol Rehab Wales

Realising that you, someone in your family, or a friend, have addiction issues can be tough. This is why finding the appropriate addiction solution is crucial. At Port of Call, our trained experts are on hand to offer you, or a loved one, the right support and guidance to find the drug or alcohol rehabilitation service that suits, in and around the Yorkshire region. To find out more, please contact Port of Call for free today on 08000029010 and let us guide you towards making that all-important first step into recovery.

Here are some of the ways in which we can help you:

  • A thorough assessment based on your needs and wants
  • Immediate, independent access to local rehab treatment centres in Wales
  • Face-to-face support with trusted clinicians & addiction experts
  • Structured interventions to help someone in denial
  • A tailored treatment plan to maximise successful recovery
  • Local support for family members, friends and colleagues

Why use Port of Call to find Yorkshire Rehab Centres?

Rehab Centres in Wales

Port of Call has an extensive network of rehab centres across the UK, including in Yorkshire. We can offer specialised face-to-face addiction assessments or interventions to help convince someone in denial that they need professional treatment. We can also arrange immediate access to rehab, and other different treatment options, close to your family and friends, who we can also support in the process.

Alcohol Rehab Yorkshire

There are many Alcohol Rehab centres in Yorkshire that can accommodate for a variety of needs. Port of Call can help you access these services and takes the hassle out of securing swift and effective alcohol treatment in your area.  Alcohol Rehabilitation or alcohol abuse rehab is a course of treatment for alcohol addiction or dependency, often at a residential alcohol rehab centre. Alcohol Rehabs in Yorkshire tend to be abstinence based and provide an intense programme of support from a local clinical team who can administer a safe and gradual detox programme.

Drug Rehab Yorkshire

If you require drug treatment and are looking for Drug Rehab in Yorkshire, we can arrange immediate admission to a drug rehab centre that’s conveniently located for you and your family. Rehabs tend to be abstinence based and provide an intense programme of support and care aimed at people who have difficulty becoming free from drug abuse without intensive support. Finding a drug rehab in X enables you to continue receiving ongoing support from loved ones nearby during this trying time.

Cocaine Rehab Yorkshire

Cocaine treatment is widely available across our trusted network of Yorkshire rehab centres for cocaine addiction. Treatment for cocaine dependency requires specialist expertise and Port of Call has access to the best local clinicians and counsellors in your area that can help you to regain control from this powerful and highly addictive drug.

Recommended Yorkshire Rehab Centres

Yorkshire Treatment Centre
Addiction Treatment Centre, South Yorkshire, Yorkshire and the Humber

Your first Port of Call for Yorkshire Rehab Treatment

Port of Call works with a trusted network of the best clinicians and rehab facilities in Yorkshire for tackling alcohol, drug and cocaine addiction. We offer free, independent and specialist advice to help you find the right addiction rehab option for you. Affordable treatment is available and recovery is possible.

Coming to terms with the fact that you, or someone you know, have a problem with alcohol or drug addiction can be a difficult and confusing time. Please call us for free today on 08000029010, for expert and confidential alcohol addiction advice.

Sonia’s Rehab Story

Sonia is 32 and lives in Rotherham. A busy wife and mother, she is organised and professional. But behind the scenes, Sonia was losing her grip on reality. After dabbling with drugs as a teenager, she had enjoyed the party scene and was out most nights of the week. Now a mother, Sonia believed her wilder days and the drugs were behind her. But this was not to be.

After a minor car accident, Sonia was prescribed a course of strong painkillers. She got so used to the pills that, even when her neck injury got better, she still craved the drugs that had made the pain go away. By the time Sonia got in touch with Port of Call, she was reliant on the tablets to get her through the day.

“I hadn’t realised that painkillers could be addictive,” Sonia says, “but before long I wasn’t even able to get out of bed without taking something. My family were starting to ask questions and I knew I needed help. Port of Call booked me into a detox programme at an addiction treatment centre near Rotherham. It was the answer to my prayers. Finally, I could take that step towards recovery. I am completely drug free these days – thanks to Port of Call.”

To find out how Port of Call helped others in Yorkshire to achieve active recovery, read through some of our alcohol recovery stories.

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