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Alcohol and drug rehab in Kirklees

If you’re looking for help to beat a dependency, Port of Call can help. Our team can provide knowledgeable advice about addiction and friendly support whenever you should need it.

As well as providing guidance, Port of Call can refer you to alcohol rehab in Kirklees or, if you require, drug rehab in Kirklees.

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What addiction treatment is available in Kirklees?

With a plethora of different treatment options out there, we’ll be able to find the best option for your personal circumstances. Our teams have connections to all of the best therapists, support groups and rehab programs in the UK, including the district of Kirklees. We’ll discuss all of the options available in your area, as well as exploring options in nearby cities such as Huddersfield, Halifax, Wakefield and the wider Yorkshire region, in order to find the best treatment centre for you.

A member of our team can talk through each step of rehab with you and offer you a referral when you’ve decided on the best location for your needs.

Helping an addict in denial in Kirklees

If you’re concerned that someone you know is in denial about their addiction, it may be time to approach them with other relatives or friends. Staging an intervention is a good way of doing so, allowing for their loved ones to share their feelings about the situation. This often includes discussing any deterioration in relationships, work and other responsibilities so the addict can see how the dependency is impacting their life.

We’ll help you prepare notes and create a plan of what will be discussed during the intervention. Having a professional therapist attend can also ensure the intervention stays on track.

What happens in rehab in Kirklees?

Rehab is known to be an intensive treatment that works by dealing with all aspects of the addiction. This includes dealing with underlying psychological problems with a therapist as well as the physical side effects of detoxification. Doing so equips you with the tools and coping methods you need to sustain your recovery once you’ve left the treatment centre.

Most treatment programmes in a residential rehab centre last anywhere from 28 to 90 days. You may have to stay longer or shorter than this depending on your situation. A professional will decide this for you after an assessment, we recommend you take their advice in order to get the most out of the program.

Local rehab centres near Kirklees

Alcohol Addiction treatment centre in South Yorkshire EnglandAddiction Treatment Centre, South Yorkshire, Yorkshire and the Humber
Addiction Recovery Centre, Calderdale, West YorkshireAddiction Recovery Centre, Calderdale, West Yorkshire
Addiction Rehab Yorkshire
Addiction Treatment Clinic, Scarborough, Yorkshire

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Call today for free & confidential advice on 08000029010 (International: +44 161 674 9049)

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