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Alcohol addiction stories

One of the main foundations of alcohol rehab, and peer support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, is for recovering alcoholics to share their alcohol recovery stories. Not only is this a therapeutic process for the person sharing their addiction stories, it is also helpful for others who might be experiencing their own familiar difficulties.

With that in mind, we believe it is important to hear from other recovering addicts about their experiences with alcohol rehab and how Port of Call was able to help them in finding an alcohol rehab so that they could continue on their journey to active recovery.

Alcohol recovery stories

Port of Call has helped countless people to access private alcohol rehab. Thanks to our extensive network of specialist private rehab centres and clinicians, our first-hand knowledge and experience of addiction, and our professional advisers, we have placed many former addicts in alcohol rehab. Here, we share three alcoholics’ stories, which illustrate just what a difference alcohol treatment can make to an addict’s recovery.

Real life alcoholic stories

Derek’s alcohol recovery story

Derek, 67, from Oldham is a recovering alcoholic. The death of his wife hit him harder than he realised and his subsequent problem with alcoholism crept up on him. A call to Port of Call was enough to persuade Derek to undergo addiction counselling and turn over a healthier leaf without alcohol.

“My body can’t deal with it like it used to, apparently, and it’s dangerous with my medications. I said to the doctor: ‘How do you expect me to change now? I’ve always had a drop to drink each night.’ I’m not someone who needs help; I’m not an addict. But he said that I really should think about getting some help for my drinking and the reasons for it. He then gave me a leaflet about Port of Call.” Read more.

Sue’s addiction story

Meet Sue, 38, from Birmingham. Following a painful divorce, Sue found solace in alcohol and would think nothing of drinking a bottle of vodka to herself most days. After a plea from her daughter, Sue sought help from Port of Call and put herself through alcohol rehab.

“The standard of care from the doctors, nurses and counsellors was fantastic. They really looked after me well and nothing was ever too much. I found it was really cathartic to be around other people who were going through a similar experience with alcohol as me, and weren’t going to judge me. The individual counselling sessions also became a great outlet for me to talk through issues that I’d kept private for a long time.” Read more.

Darren’s alcohol recovery story

By the time recovering alcoholic Darren, 23, from Birkenhead, realised that he had an alcohol problem he’d already failed his A-Levels and was sleeping rough on a friend’s couch. This is the story of how Port of Call helped him to find an alcohol rehab that completely turned his life around.

“We went back to Port of Call to arrange everything and with their support I was able to find a nearby rehab that could take me the very next day. It was a relief to be honest. I went through a gradual detox, with the doctors and clinical staff keeping a round the clock watch on me. After that my time was split between alcoholic counselling sessions, group therapy and generally getting better.” Read more.

Find out more about alcohol rehab

Port of Call works with a trusted network of the best alcohol rehab centres and alcohol clinicians in the country. We offer free, independent and specialist advice to help you find the right alcohol rehab option for you. Coming to terms with the fact that you, or someone you know, has a problem with alcohol addiction can be a difficult and confusing time. Please call us for free today on 08000029010 for expert and confidential alcohol addiction advice.

About the author: Martin Preston

Martin is our Founder and Chief Executive. Martin is himself in long term recovery and started Port of Call to help families navigate treatment options. In 2020 Martin will open Delamere Health Ltd, the UK’s first purpose built addiction treatment clinic.

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