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Anthony’s Recovery Story

Anthony started using heroin multiple times a week, sometimes just to break up the monotony of his days. Gradually it became a lifestyle and finding ways and means of getting more drugs became a full time job.  Anthony had many attempts at getting clean; some successful, but non helpful in the long term.  Methadone just seemed to put a sticking plaster over the problem and even when on a script, Anthony still couldn’t break the cycle of smoking heroin.

“I was sleeping on mate’s sofas and one day my friend came home from work to find me in a terrible state in his house. I was in a really bad way and he told me to leave. I had no option but to go home to my parents’ house, and although they knew about my battle with opiates, they were so shocked to find me in the state I was in.”

Despite the fact that Anthony had almost lost all hope of ever recovering he phoned Port of Call.

“Speaking with like-minded people who had been through the same sort of thing as me was a real eye opener.  I’d spent a lot of time with other users but no time with those who’d actually recovered.”  

My main concern was the detox – having gone cold turkey in the past I was petrified of doing another rattle.  The guy at Port of Call explained that a medically managed detox was safe and comfortable and that I’d be treated with respect and dignity.  Having been labelled a junkie by most people who knew me to be not judged and told that addiction wasn’t my fault gave me a lot of hope.”

During long term residential treatment paid for by his uncle, Anthony managed to break the cycle of his dependency and learnt to stay clean one day at a time.

“We stuck together and supported each other through difficult days – some really difficult ones – but I’m glad to say we came out the other side. I have some decent temporary work now and I’m finding my feet at last.  It’s great to be straight and have hope for the future.”

Disclaimer: Genuine case studies from Port of Call Treatment Services.  Permission has been sought from clients to tell their stories in the hope that they inspire others. Names have been changed to respect our client’s anonymity.

About the author: Martin Preston

Martin is our Founder and Chief Executive. Martin is himself in long term recovery and started Port of Call to help families navigate treatment options. In 2020 Martin will open Delamere Health Ltd, the UK’s first purpose built addiction treatment clinic.

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