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I don’t have an alcohol problem…do I?

Meet Liam, 27, from Warrington. Liam’s heavy drinking in his teens progressed unknowingly to a serious alcohol dependency by the time he reached his late twenties. It was only when he began to research alcohol withdrawal symptoms that he realised he had an alcohol dependency problem. He found private rehab experts Port of Call and got the help he needed. Here, Liam tells us all about his journey of overcoming his drinking problem through alcohol rehab.

Liam’s story – An alcohol addiction case study from Port of Call

I started working for my older brother’s marketing company at the age of 18. All my family had helped him build the company; my mum, dad and my uncle. Working for my brother wasn’t something I wanted to do with my life, but getting a job was proving to be difficult. Working for my brother’s business was an easy option.

After work sometimes we would head down to the local pub for a few pints. As our jobs became more stressful, it became more and more of a regular thing. It was nice to unwind after a long day. Work hard, play harder was our motto and we stuck to it. I met my girlfriend on one of our nights out one Friday night.

Although being in a committed relationship was new to me it didn’t have a big effect on my life. I tried to cut down the amount I drank when we moved in together, as she was worried about my health, but I just felt queasy whenever I stopped. I met up with the boys as much as I could, so that I didn’t have to drink around her and upset her.

When we were finally all settled in to our new home, I got a phone call from my brother, the business was struggling. With the loss of clients and profits, my brother had to let some staff go. Unfortunately for me, this included some of my friends. I found comfort drinking in my local, on my own, where I usually would have drunk with them. It was a really depressing time, with the loss of fun company throughout the day and having to listen to the stress that my family were going through.

By 2016, the business was back on track. It was a big shock when my girlfriend gave me an ultimatum. She said either I stopped drinking or she’d leave me. This came as a huge surprise. I didn’t even think I went out as much as I used to but I promised to try my best to stop for her. I tried to show her that I didn’t need alcohol and I didn’t have an alcohol dependence.

I thought not drinking would have made me feel on top on the world. This was not the case at all, I felt terrible. I had the shakes, I felt sick and constantly anxious. Work was almost impossible. I couldn’t concentrate and was missing deadlines. I had intense mood swings were one minute I would be having banter and a laugh, and the next I would have a meltdown about the unrealistic workload I was given. At this point my brother had a word with me about my attitude.

I decided I couldn’t deal with the stress, so I went on a few weeks’ leave. This is when my girlfriend got in touch with Port of Call and discovered that all the things I was experiencing sounded a lot like the signs of alcoholism. ‘That’s what alcoholics go through, not me. I don’t have an alcohol addiction… Do I?’. From then I decided to get sober once and for all.

I began to get constant pains and could barely get out of bed. I saw on Port of Call’s websites that I could ring up for a chat, so I gave them a call. After calming me down, the adviser asked me about my drinking habits. I couldn’t believe it when they told me that it was showing signs of alcoholism and that it was highly likely that I’d developed an alcohol dependency.

They told me I was feeling so ill because I was going through an alcohol withdrawal. Port of Call helped me to find a rehabilitation centre. I agreed to let them help and they managed to find me a local private rehab centre. They booked me in for a detox two days later. The doctors and nurses there were really good at making me feel at home. Everything about my detox was slow and gradual. I had no idea how dangerous it is to come off alcohol quickly. So I was glad to have professional support

I can’t deny that it was tough. The staff at the clinic were amazing though they looked after me 24/7 and made sure I was comfortable at all times. Eventually, I began to feel human again. I was able to sleep properly and my moods were starting to calm down. After the detox was finished I attended individual and group therapy. This was a big help because I was able to see what other people had been through at the same time as expressing my own feelings.

Now, I regularly go to AA meetings and I’ve cut out drinking altogether. Luckily for me, my girlfriend stuck by me through it all. It’s all thanks to Port of Call.

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Disclaimer: Names and certain details have been changed to protect the identity of case study participants.

About the author: Martin Preston

Martin is our Founder and Chief Executive. Martin is himself in long term recovery and started Port of Call to help families navigate treatment options. In 2020 Martin will open Delamere Health Ltd, the UK’s first purpose built addiction treatment clinic.

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