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Lara’s Recovery Story

Lara called Port of Call when a work colleague challenged her about her performance.  Following her divorce, she had thrown herself into her work as a solicitor.  When she was asked by a close colleague whether she had a cocaine problem, Lara was distraught.  The shame of people knowing that she had become an addict was all-consuming.

Lara had always liked letting her hair down, yet following her divorce she felt unwanted, unloved and frustrated.  What had started out as recreational substance use at weekends turned into Lara having to use cocaine on a daily basis.  Lara had spoken with her GP about what was happening for her a month before she called Port of Call, and her doctor had made a referral to her local addiction services.  Lara hadn’t made the appointment due to work commitments and she recognised that she needed to do something about her problem quickly.

On phoning Port of Call, Lara spoke with Christine and immediately made a connection.  Not only was Christine easy to talk to, she had also struggled with addiction and they both found a lot of common ground.  Lara had spoken with a rehab clinic near her house, yet she’d been put off by what looked and sounded like a ‘boot camp’ regime.

In really listening to what Lara needed and wanted from treatment, Christine organised a tailored treatment programme.  Lara looked in detail at two clinics before deciding on having treatment abroad.  This worked well on a number of levels; she could tell friends and family she was to take a holiday and she could access a more holistic treatment programme and focus on yoga, mindfulness and reiki; treatments that she had always enjoyed before cocaine took hold.

Lara remembers that first foray into researching addiction treatment services fondly: “I think Christine seemed to ‘get me’ straight away.  She knew that I would balk at a twelve step regime, I made clear that sharing a room was not for me and I refused to go somewhere I couldn’t take my lap top. Looking back I was quite demanding! Christine just made the whole process easy – at a difficult time.  She even arranged for someone to meet me from home and accompany me on the flight.”

Lara is excelling in her career and is helping others recover in her spare time.

Disclaimer: Genuine case studies from Port of Call Treatment Services.  Permission has been sought from clients to tell their stories in the hope that they inspire others. Names have been changed to respect our client’s anonymity.

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“I wanted somewhere caring and compassionate. Not a boot camp approach. I’m sober 6 months on”

Susan from Wolverhampton

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