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Cocaine addiction stories

One of the most helpful ways for cocaine addicts to maintain their recovery is to share their cocaine addiction stories with other people who have experienced, or been in a similar situation, or have been through drug rehab themselves. There are a number of supportive organisations where you can meet and share your stories, the best known being Cocaine Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

Real life cocaine case studies

At Port of Call, we advise and support lots of people to find appropriate treatment for their addiction issues. If you, or someone close to you, is trying to face up to their cocaine addiction, then reading some of the cocaine recovery stories below may help them to make that first step towards recovery. Remember, you’re not on your own. Here, we share three cocaine case studies that show what a difference getting help for cocaine addiction can mean to a person.

Cocaine Addiction Stories

Daniel’s cocaine abuse story

Daniel is a 35-year-old entrepreneur from Huddersfield. Used to living the high life, Daniel maintained a relationship with cocaine for over five years. With a high turnover of cash available, he was able to live the dream and revelled in his fast car, high-octane lifestyle. That is until he had a bad experience on holiday that gave him the scare he needed to take action and seek help. Here is Daniel’s cocaine abuse story. “Everything was fine – or so I thought – I’d been out the night before and had a great time. The next day I was lying in the sun when I just started to feel really frightened. Like I was going to die. It was really horrible. I went to see the local GP but they just told me to get some help when I got home. As soon as I returned to the UK, I got in touch with Port of Call. They booked me into a residential rehab clinic a few miles away from Huddersfield – so I had some privacy. It was just what I needed. Somewhere quiet to sort myself out. It took a while to recover from my withdrawal symptoms but now I’m back and fighting fit. I don’t have those horrible feelings anymore and I’m trying to have a much healthier lifestyle.” Daniel says.

Catherine’s recovering cocaine addict story

Catherine, 25, had never expected to become addicted to cocaine but after moving to London two years ago, she fell in with a party crowd and before long, was spending as much as she could afford on cocaine binges. Here, Port of Call delves into Catherine’s cocaine recovery story. “I hadn’t realised how bad things had got until I realised my bank account was empty and I hadn’t paid the rent that month. I was selling what I could to make money but it wasn’t enough. If I hadn’t got in touch with Port of Call then I don’t know where I would be. I’m still suffering from the cravings but the talking therapies I attend really help. Just being able to talk to other people about my cocaine addiction story and how I’m feeling is a great motivation, but I still have the odd day when I’m scared that I won’t be able to stop myself taking cocaine again. I’m lucky to have such good friends and my family have been very supportive. It’s not easy going through recovery, but it really is the best decision I’ve ever made.” Catherine says.

Matthew’s cocaine success story

Matthew, 32 from Basingstoke, celebrates his recovery every year by running a marathon. Here is Matthew’s cocaine case study. “It was really important to me that I did something positive to show that I am still committed to my recovery. It’s easy to think that once you come out of rehab that you’ll be fine but often it is the time straight after your detox when you are most in danger of relapse. I know that by running and training for a marathon race, there is no time or space for me to think about cocaine. I can’t believe I was ever sucked in to the drug world. Running and keeping fit suits me much better and I’m raising money for drug support charities in the process. Result!”

Start your cocaine success story

At Port of Call, we offer free, independent and specialist advice to help you, or a loved one, to find the right cocaine rehab treatment to help turn your story into a cocaine success story. Coming to terms with the fact that you, or someone you know, may have a problem with cocaine addiction can be a difficult and confusing time. For expert and confidential advice and support on cocaine addiction advice, please call free today on 0800 002 9010, or simply email help@portofcall.com for further help.

About the author: Alex Molyneux

Alex is our admissions team leader. Over the last 5 years he has spoken with more than 10,000 people via our helpline and has organised over 1,000 detox and rehabilitation placements.

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