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15 Apr 17

Phil is 54 and lives in Northampton. He has been a consistent drinker for almost 40 years, regularly consuming two to three times the newly revised recommended limit of 14 units of alcohol a week for a man. Phil had started to notice his health was in decline but he just wasn’t ready to face […]

04 Oct 16

Meet Liam, 27, from Warrington. Liam’s heavy drinking in his teens progressed unknowingly to a serious alcohol dependency by the time he reached his late twenties. It was only when he began to research alcohol withdrawal symptoms that he realised he had an alcohol dependency problem. He found private rehab experts Port of Call and […]

30 Sep 16

Meet Dan, 24, from Birmingham. Dan began smoking cannabis with a new circle of friends in college. What was once something Dan did to fit in quickly became a daily habit. Until, that is, he reached out to Port of Call, drug rehab advice experts, for help. Read on for this former cannabis addict’s experience of […]

31 Aug 16

As with alcohol rehab, Attending a peer support group is an important element of drug rehab. In group therapy, individuals are encouraged to share their drug abuse stories, in a bid to help others who may be experiencing similar difficulties throughout the process. At Port of Call, we understand how stories of drug addiction and […]

11 Jul 16

One of the most helpful ways for cocaine addicts to maintain their recovery is to share their cocaine addiction stories with other people who have experienced, or been in a similar situation, or have been through drug rehab themselves. There are a number of supportive organisations where you can meet and share your stories, the […]

20 May 16

Meet Frank, 51, from Bristol. For years Frank ignored the dangers of alcohol, regularly drinking more than three times the recommended 14 units of alcohol a week. This is Frank’s account of how he has found a new lease of social life, sinking putts instead of pints, thanks to alcohol rehab and addiction counselling organised […]

10 Feb 16

One of the main foundations of alcohol rehab, and peer support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, is for recovering alcoholics to share their alcohol recovery stories. Not only is this a therapeutic process for the person sharing their addiction stories, it is also helpful for others who might be experiencing their own familiar difficulties. With that […]

18 Jan 16

Derek, 67, from Oldham is a recovering alcoholic. The death of his wife hit him harder than he realised and his subsequent problem with alcoholism crept up on him. A call to Port of Call was enough to persuade Derek to undergo addiction counselling and turn over a healthier leaf without alcohol.

23 Oct 15

When office worker, Lee, 26, from London, realised that his social drinking habits were out of control, he came to Port of Call for help. This is his story of how he curbed his binge drinking for good, and became a better husband, father and son as a result, thanks to rehab organised through Port […]

01 Oct 15

Read how Vicky, 49, from Manchester, who began smoking cannabis from the early age of 11 years old drastically turned her life around. Vicky describes how the drug use was instigated in reaction to her parent’s split, and, despite already undergoing rehab on two occasions; she discusses how she could only begin to take responsibility […]

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