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Addiction and denial: facing up to the truth

10 Jul 17

Facing up to the truth of addiction is tough. All too often the denial of a situation can prolong the need to confront an issue. At Port of Call, we talk to lots of people who are locked into this kind of vicious circle of addiction and denial. Refusing to acknowledge that you have an addiction is not uncommon and denial in addiction is very common. Read our blog to find out more about how this cycle of denial must be broken in order to fully engage with your recovery.

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23 Feb 15

Denial and addiction often go hand in hand. Many people we speak with are living alongside an addict or an alcoholic who refuses to acknowledge they have a problem, and may need help from an alcohol rehab facility. This is not uncommon and denial is very much a symptom of addiction. Often an addicted person is the very last to person to recognise the destruction caused by their behaviour.

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