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Port of Call’s top 5 practical steps for dealing with substance misuse in the workplace

03 Nov 16

Random drug testing in the workplace has become more common, in order to increase employee protection and reduce workplace accidents. Drug rehab experts Port of Call investigates the effects of substance misuse in the construction industry and how drug testing on construction sites can help to minimise the problem.

31 Oct 16

According to studies, 1 in 10 people are affected by addiction. The majority of people who have a drinking problem are in work, which can affect colleagues and workplace productivity. Recent research shows that 12% of adults have drunk alcohol during the working day to cope with workplace stress while 17% of personnel directors described alcohol consumption as a major problem for the organisation. Drug and alcohol rehab experts Port of Call discuss the issues of substance abuse in the workplace.

29 Oct 16

Over the years, alcoholism in the workplace has sadly become an increasingly common problem. According to studies, the increase in alcohol consumption is directly associated with stress at work. In this blog, alcohol rehab experts Port of Call highlights the dangers of alcoholism, the importance of workplace drug and alcohol policies and offers advice on combating the problem of alcoholism at work. 

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