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Outpatient drug rehab FAQs

There are many different types of drug rehabilitation. At Port of Call we have strong relationships with some of the best rehabilitation centres in the UK. Some of which offer outpatient drug rehab, which is sometimes more suitable, depending on the individual, their addiction and its severity.

Outpatient Drug Rehab

What is outpatient drug rehab?

Like with outpatient alcohol rehab, outpatient drug rehab is rehabilitation that takes place on an outpatient basis, which essentially means that you can remain in your own home whilst getting the care you need. The therapy of outpatient rehab does follow the same kind of structure as you would expect at a rehab centre, with close medical supervision at its core.

Some people prefer the idea of outpatient drug rehab because they are able to stay in work whilst trying to overcome their drug addiction. Also being surrounded by family members and friends may provide them with the comfort and support that they need. However, it must be said that the intensive treatment, structure and support offered by a rehab centre still represents the best chance of recovery. 

How much is outpatient drug rehab?

Outpatient drug rehab generally costs less than inpatient rehab, partly because you are not paying for any type of accommodation. It also depends on the kind of rehabilitation centre you receive treatment from. There is a wide range of rehabilitation centres with different facilities and luxuries.

What is outpatient drug rehab like?

Outpatient drug rehab is not often recommended by addiction specialists. People that are addicted to drugs often have re-occurring complications that need to be monitored. One negative aspect of outpatient drug rehab is that remaining at home does not necessarily remove someone from the temptation of drugs (and other substances, like alcohol), which could therefore result in a relapse. Having said that, if the temptations can be avoided, a person who lives at home whilst receiving treatment does get to experience life as a sober person in a familiar environment. Therefore, they won’t necessarily have the shock of the transition that is sometimes associated with reintegrating back into ‘normal’ life after attending a private rehab.

Where can I find outpatient drug rehab?

If you feel that you or a loved one could benefit from any type of rehabilitation, be it outpatient or inpatient drug rehab, then please call Port of Call on 08000029010 or email us on Our advisors will be only too happy to discuss your options with you and help to arrange a treatment programme that is most appropriate for you. Whether you are looking for help finding addiction rehab in Manchester, all the way down to London, we can help.  

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