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Alcohol and drug rehab in Dublin

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Knowing where to turn for help with addiction can be overwhelming, especially if you’re seeking support on behalf of a family member or close friend.

Port of Call has a team of experts who are more than happy to answer any question you may have, as well as providing referrals for alcohol rehab in Dublin or, alternatively, drug rehab in Dublin.

We’re here to help and put your mind at ease and can help you find a solution that works for you and that you feel comfortable proceeding with.

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What help is available for addiction in Dublin?

As a capital city, there are a variety of services and treatment programs in Dublin. From detox centres and inpatient rehabs to family support and addiction counselling, we can often get you referred immediately.

If you’d prefer to go somewhere further from home, we have connections throughout Ireland to consider. Some people prefer to take on treatment close to a place they’re familiar with, while others want to travel further away to have maximum privacy and to remove themselves from any triggers. Either way, we’ll be able to talk you through your options and set up a plan of action that suits you.

Finding help for an addict who is in denial in Dublin

Confronting someone who doesn’t believe they have an addiction can be exasperating, especially when they refuse to get help. Holding an intervention with a group of loved ones is an effective way of making this person see how their actions are affecting others.

Port of Call can offer guidance and support to ensure your intervention is as successful as possible. We can also refer a trained counsellor to facilitate it, which is incredibly useful for keeping the situation calm even when emotions run high.

What happens in rehab in Dublin?

Rehab allows you to focus on yourself and the recovery process, taking you away from any potential triggers that may distract you. You’ll undergo counselling to help you tackle the mental side of the addiction, which helps you adjust to life without drugs or alcohol.

If you want more specific advice on what happens in rehab, we’re always at the end of the phone to offer guidance and talk through what each location offers individually. We can discuss what type of treatment would be the most effective for you, as well as putting an aftercare plan in place if you feel you need additional support.

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