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Alcohol and drug rehab in Paisley

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Whether you are a young woman, mature business person or responsible parent – addiction can permeate your life and begin to have a negative effect.

You may feel you’re the only person in Paisley facing these issues but we can assure you that you are not alone.

Alcohol and drug addiction reaches into every part of society and at Port of Call, we offer no judgement, only advice, support and signposting to help. Where appropriate we can organise an immediate booking into private drug and alcohol rehab.

Help with addiction in Paisley

Drug rehab in Paisley and alcohol rehab in Paisley are areas where we can offer insight and guidance.

We know the local landscape of addiction support therapists and counsellors. In some cases, a group like Alcoholics Anonymous may suit your needs. For others, particularly those who have found that style of support isn’t right for them, private rehab is the turning point.

Certainly, based on our extensive experience of addiction and recovery, we’ll always champion residential rehab as the most effective means of treatment when drink and drug problems have become entrenched.

Helping an addict who is in denial in Paisley

Helping an addict who is in denial in Paisley is a process that we can support with and advise upon. Where necessary a counsellor or other appropriate professional can support a formal intervention to constructively present an addicted person with the realities the impact their addiction is having on them and those around them and present them with solutions.

What happens in rehab in Paisley

Rehab centres in Paisley and throughout Scotland involve supported abstinence to confront the physical symptoms of addiction and associated therapy to address the emotional roots of it. Anxiety, depression, stress and past traumas are just some of the things that may contribute to addiction taking hold.

Rehab environments vary according to requirements and needs and may have outdoor grounds to explore, ensuite rooms and gym facilities. Private rehab usually starts at around £1,500 per week, but even if that seems out of reach we’d urge you to call – cost should not be a barrier to recovery.

For assistance with any of your queries or concerns around what rehab entails, rehab options or whether rehab is right for you do call, text or email us today.

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