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Alcohol and drug rehab in Wolverhampton

Rehab Clinics Near Wolverhampton


Taking the first step to seek help with addiction isn’t easy and we at Port of Call understand that.

Our service offers free advice on where to find help and support in the West Midlands area.

We specialise in private rehab bookings including drug rehab in Wolverhampton and alcohol rehab in Wolverhampton, but that isn’t always the appropriate route for our callers. We listen to your circumstances and situation and advise accordingly.

Drug addiction rehab centre in Warwickshire West Midlands England

What addiction treatment is available in Wolverhampton?

Help with addiction in Wolverhampton may come in many forms, including via specialised charities, support and community groups.

There are options for everyone and no-one should be left battling an addiction alone, whether the problem may be with alcohol, cocaine or another drug or behaviour. Our team has experience in all manners of addiction, so can advise on the best route for you.

When NHS or other free options aren’t appropriate or available in a timely way, private therapists, detox and rehab are the answer for some. We’ve seen great success with those clients we speak to who attend residential rehab, it’s a treatment that tackles the addiction away from any toxic environments or triggers, allowing the addict to completely overcome their vice.

How to support an addict in denial in Wolverhampton

Watching someone you care about struggle with an addiction and refuse to face the problem is a heartbreaking and demoralising situation to be in.

We are happy to speak with friends and family of those struggling with problem alcohol or substance abuse to outline practical ways you can help. We can offer advice on how to approach the subject with them and even put you in touch with intervention services that can create a safe space for you and your loved one to discuss their addiction.

What happens in rehab in Wolverhampton

In rehab, in Wolverhampton, you’re encouraged to put some space between you and the problem substance or behaviour. In some cases that involves a detox, which must be managed by a clinician. The rehab centres we refer to in the area, are all Care Quality Commission approved and can prescribe any medication necessary to ease the process.

Vitally, rehab also involves work to help people with addiction issues to discover what led to the problem and how to avoid it resurfacing. Addiction is rarely just physical. Anxiety, stress, depression or past trauma are all factors that may be at the heart of addiction.

Please do contact us, day or night, by email, text or phone. We’re here, ready to listen.

Call today for free & confidential advice on 08000029010 (International: +44 161 674 9049)

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