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Alcohol and drug rehab in Camden

Finding great addiction treatment in Camden is possible with Port of Call. We have a web of contacts at premium rehab centres in London and across the UK.

Call us for impartial advice on dealing with addiction, whether you’re a Camden local or from somewhere else in the country. We also offer support for families, friends and employers who have been touched by addiction – many of our advisors have similar experiences.

Get in touch to learn more about drug rehab in Camden, alcohol rehab in Camden and how you can start a journey towards recovery.

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Help with addiction in Camden

Getting help with addiction can feel like a rollercoaster ride. Maybe you’ve tried other options and have relapsed – sometimes, even the road to realising you need help with addiction can feel difficult.

Luckily, there is a broad range of addiction treatment options in Camden. These include support groups, addiction counselling and various therapies operating within a residential rehab setting.

Tell us about your circumstances, including any underlying mental health issues or fears about checking into rehab. We’ll use our deep knowledge of addiction to match you with the perfect clinic from our library of contacts.

These specialist centres include rehab centres for women, men and even family support. You might need support with withdrawal from alcohol, prescription drugs or opiates – we can direct you to tailored support.

Call us on 08000029010, text or email help@portofcall.com to find out more.

Helping an addict who is in denial in Camden

It can feel difficult to help a friend or family member who is addicted to alcohol, drugs or a combination of damaging activities. Even convincing them they need to get sober can feel like a struggle.

Intervention services are a popular way to let an addict know you care and convince them to get the help they deserve.

What happens in rehab in Camden

Rehab in Camden is all about immersive care – all private residential rehab clinics focus on disconnecting you from all aspects of your addiction and rebuilding positive habits. Beyond this, the rehab clinics in Camden can vary by accommodation type, therapy style and cost.

Call us free on 08000029010, text or email help@portofcall.com to find the best treatment option for you.

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