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Alcohol and drug rehab in Cork

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An addiction can make you feel helpless and unsure of where to turn. You can trust Port of Call to provide guidance and incredibly knowledgeable advice, with many of the team having experienced addiction themselves.

Whether you need alcohol rehab in Cork or drug rehab in Cork, we’re here to get your recovery off on the right foot. Not only can we talk about the types of help that you may need, but we can also get you an immediate referral to the best private programs in Cork.

Help with addiction in Cork

There are a variety of treatment centres and support groups based in Cork and throughout Ireland. Some people prefer to stay close to familiar surroundings, whereas others want to go further away from home to ensure they have more privacy.

A member of our team can talk you through the types of treatment available close to you as well as ones further away, should you want to move out of your home city during recovery. We recommend considering residential rehab further afield, not only does it remove you from your current environment and any triggers but you can treat it as a respite from your current situation to focus solely on yourself.

Intervening with an addict who is in denial in Cork

If you’re worried that a family member or friend might be in denial about their addiction, an intervention may be the next best step. Sitting them down with a group of their loved ones is a positive way of getting worries and issues out in the open, as well as encouraging them to think about how their addiction affects others.

You don’t have to worry about going it alone either, as Port of Call is here to guide you every step of the way. We can organise for a professional interventionist to attend in order to keep things calm and ensure the conversation is heading in the right direction. 

What happens in rehab in Cork?

Rehab is a private, safe space in which you can recover with the help of therapists and other trained professionals. It’s more intensive compared to other types of treatment, giving you time to figure out what’s causing the addiction and how you can kick the habit for good. We recommend it as it provides you with a focused treatment plan that targets both the physical and emotional aspects of overcoming an addiction. Most treatments begin with detox, removing the addictive substance from your body, before giving you the tools to continue abstaining from your vice in the future.

Residential rehab centres provide treatments that are based on an individual’s needs, while also taking your preferences into account. We’ll be able to provide more information when we know more about your personal history and the right move for you.

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