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Dealing with an addiction is an emotionally turbulent time, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Whether you require alcohol rehab in Galway, drug rehab in Galway or another kind of support in the area, Port of Call can get you immediate admission.

Starting the journey to recovery can seem daunting, which is where we’re here to help whenever you’re feeling alone. Many members of our team have been through addiction and recovery, meaning they truly do understand how you feel. Whether you’re a family member of an addict or need advice for yourself, we’re always here to offer our support and guidance.

Finding help with an addiction in Galway

As a city, Galway has a number of treatment centres and support groups. If you’d prefer to have more privacy or simply get away from the city of Galway while in recovery, we can refer you to rehabs throughout Ireland or even the wider UK.

Port of Call doesn’t just source the initial treatment, either. We can provide a plan for aftercare, often including local support groups and hotlines that can offer you advice whenever you should need it. You can reach an expert 24/7 via our freephone number: 08000029010.

Helping an addict who is in denial in Galway

Many addicts are in denial about their behaviour, which means convincing them to seek out treatment can be a difficult task. It’s important to be gentle with them and provide a safe space they can voice their thoughts in, although it’s understandably difficult for those around them.

An intervention is an effective way of helping someone in this position come to terms with their addiction. We can talk you through the process so you know exactly how to approach the situation. Having a professional counsellor in attendance can keep the situation calm, and we have the ability to set one up for you.

What to expect from rehab in Galway?

Rehab provides a space for you to recover without everyday worries, triggers or distractions. We recommend residential rehab located away from your home, this removes you from any toxic environments or triggers. You can focus on dealing with the issues surrounding your alcohol or drug dependency, ensuring you’re equipped with beneficial coping tools once you’ve left. These tools will help sustain your recovery and fight the battle against addiction successfully.

When it comes to aftercare and ensuring you stay on track, look to our services that can support you on the road to sustained recovery.

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