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Alcohol and drug rehab in Newham

We provide support, signposting and a booking service for rehab and addiction recovery centres in and around Newham.

It is our intention to ensure anyone in need of support has a first ‘port of call’ in us.

We are just as comfortable taking inquiries from those who want to get help for someone they care about as we are hearing from the individual themselves.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction rehab centre in North London England

Help with addiction in Newham

We can support if you are looking for alcohol rehab in Newham or drug rehab in Newham. Indeed, we’re happy to advise on all addiction services in and around the area of London.

There is a vast network of counsellors, therapists, detox and rehab specialists available close by.

Helping an addict who is in denial in Newham

Watching someone you care about suffering from the effects of addiction is a heartbreaking and challenging experience.

The majority of the inquiries we receive are from family and friends worried about someone they love. We are happy to advise and support on the steps necessary to try to reach them.

What happens in rehab in Newham?

A multidisciplinary team will be involved in rehab delivery in Newham and the surrounding area.

Medical support and supervision is vital for a managed detox – a process that can be dangerous and harmful if not done properly. A supportive rehab environment allows for the most comfortable experience possible.

In association with that holistic therapies, group and one-to-one therapy and family support may form part of the programme, depending on requirements. We encourage you to get in touch for a no obligation chat today.

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