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Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation, East Sussex

Situated in Bournemouth, this confidential and private drug and alcohol rehabilitation in East Sussex offers comprehensive addiction treatment programmes for those suffering from alcohol dependency, drug addiction, eating disorders and various other addictions. If you are looking for a rehab or addiction detox centre in East Sussex that located within the most stunning grounds, next to the award winning blue flag Bournemouth beach, then look no further.

  • 12-step programme
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
  • Psychiatric and complementary therapies
  • Medically assisted detox



To find out more please call us on 0800 002 9010. Port of Call can help expedite
your admission into treatment at this clinic.
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What is the environment like?

This addiction detox clinic in East Sussex offers a comfortable, welcoming and safe environment in which you can prioritise your recovery. This West Sussex addiction rehab clinic provides single bedrooms, whilst en-suite is also available, with modern furniture, clean linen, a high quality menu (catering to various dietary requirements) and your own individual washbasin and mirrors. Bedrooms at this East Sussex addiction rehabilitation centre are where you can retire in solitude, can read or write any course work you may have, as well as relax and unwind amidst the natural woodland sounds and scenic views. 

How long will I stay?

This East Sussex addiction rehabilitation centre offers 4 week – 18 week programmes, depending on your needs. Most patients choose to stay for the full programme at this particular drug and alcohol rehabilitation in East Sussex.

What is the ethos and approach?

This addiction detox facility in East Sussex operates a strict confidentiality policy so that you can complete your course of treatment in private, allowing you to focus solely on your journey towards recovery and becoming free from addiction. This drug and alcohol rehabilitation in East Sussex offers medically assisted detoxes, personalised and structured treatment plans and therapeutic activities in order to help you achieve that all important goal of active and long-term recovery. The approach taken at this addiction recovery clinic in East Sussex is very much one of teaching individuals to be able to have fun without necessarily turning to alcohol, drugs and addiction. For this reason, organised recreational activities are of huge significance in this drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic in East Sussex.

Who will be looking after you?

At this East Sussex addiction rehabilitation centre, you will be under the close supervision of and receive full support from fully qualified and experienced addiction therapists, as well as 24 hour on-site care from fully trained supervision staff.

Who is it suited for?

This East Sussex rehabilitation centre is perfect for anyone looking to break free from the grips of addiction in an amazing setting, amongst acres of woodland. This East Sussex addiction rehabilitation centre is ideal for individuals seeking a more tranquil recovery retreat and relaxing grounds, with lots of space to enjoy nature and really detach from the temptations of the outside world.

Who is the clinic regulated by?

The Care Quality Commission regulates this drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic in East Sussex. This is the governing body that set standards of quality and safety.

How do I find out more?

To arrange a free assessment at this addiction rehab in East Sussex, call 08000029010.

To speak to someone who has attended and completed their treatment at this clinic, call us 08000029010.

Can I visit this treatment centre?

Yes – we actively encourage you to visit this addiction detox centre in East Sussex. This will give you an opportunity to not only meet the team who will be looking after you, but it can help to get a feel for what a stay here might be like. You’ll be able to meet and talk with other clients who are currently in treatment to ask them about their own experiences and what they think about the treatments they have received.

To organise a visit, please call Port of Call on 08000029010.


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