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Rehab Clinics in East midlands (7)

Rehab in Derby

Seeking rehab can feel like a daunting and bewildering task, but it need not be....

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Alcohol and drug rehab in Chesterfield

Our organisation was formed to be a first ‘port of call’ for those looking for...

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Rehab in Nottingham

Residential rehab is the most effective route to recovery from addiction issues and for many...

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Leicester Rehab Centre

Situated in the city centre, this specialist addiction rehab in Leicester has the capacity for...

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Alcohol and drug rehab in Skegness

If you are looking for drug and alcohol addiction treatments in and around Skegness or...

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Lincolnshire Rehab Centre

This alcohol and drug addiction rehab centre in Lincolnshire is perfect for those who are...

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Northamptonshire Rehab Centre

This luxury addiction treatment centre offers residential treatment for drug and alcohol addiction and is...

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Help with addiction in the East Midlands

In the East Midlands, you can access a range of good addiction support services.

Treatment centres are based around Derby, Leicester, Lincoln, Northampton, Nottingham, Corby and Mansfield, although we’ll work to ensure you have information about the best centre for your requirements wherever it is located.

We understand seeking help can be tough, especially for those who have found community-based support hasn’t worked in the past. Our understanding and empathetic team is here to help and talk through your concerns and options.

Addiction rehab in the East Midlands

We can organise immediate, independent access to:

  • Alcohol rehab in the East Midlands
  • Drug rehab in the East Midlands
  • Support with other addictions, such as gambling

We work with clinics across the UK and so we have a thorough understanding of the variations in what is available and we’re able to explain what to consider when making your choice. We’re happy to take the time to hear about you and your circumstances to help narrow down the options.

Among the clinics we work with is one in Derby that has 36 beds in two converted Edwardian houses. One of our other partner clinics, in Mansfield, is in a residential setting that is equipped for people with disabilities.


How quickly can I get into private rehab?

Provided the private detox and rehab clinic you are looking at has availability, admission can usually be arranged within a matter of hours or days. Entry into treatment and the need for an inpatient stay in a specialist clinic often comes at a difficult and stressful time.  Port of Call can help expedite your admission into treatment given our ability to liaise directly with treatment teams and organise assessments, logistics and so forth. 

What if I cannot afford private treatment?

Keep in mind that a shorter stay in treatment costs less than staying for a full 28 day course.  As such, you might consider a week or two in a low cost private clinic which could cost around £2,000 – £3,500.  This will give you a good foundation for your ongoing recovery and is better than not seeking professional help at all.  Many people ask families and friends for help with the costs. 

If you have no budget available, then the help that is available to you is via the NHS and charitable organisations. The best starting point is often with your own GP who can signpost local addiction treatment options.  We list some of the better known services on our website and you’re very welcome to call us for further help and support.

Where is the closest rehab to me?

There are some 40 private detox and rehab clinics in the UK, so there’s likely to be options close to home.   The Port of Call rehab directory lists some of the clinics we work with which will give you a sense of what is available.  It’s worth calling us though as we can help match your needs with a range of options.  Keep in mind that when you come into rehab, you’ll likely be staying for a number of weeks.  If the most suitable clinic is some distance away, or if you choose to travel out of area for your care, don’t worry – a fresh start without distraction is often the best recourse.  Port of Call can help with logistics if you’re concerned about how to get to the clinic.

Are you reaching out for a loved one?

We understand that people whose drug or alcohol use has hit a problem level, do not always want to accept it. An ‘intervention’, facilitated by a professional, is one way of helping them to see they need to take action. It involves a structured approach to the person to confront them with the impacts of their addiction and offer options for recovery.

Helping you choose the right clinic for you

Rehab consists of a number of different elements. Detox is one aspect, along with associated treatments such as counselling and complementary therapies. Follow-up support and outreach to affected family and friends may be included. It is wise to consider which of these things is important to you and your recovery when choosing a clinic.

It is possible to find clinics that specialise in particular things, such as pregnant women or burned-out business people, which may also help.

We can listen to your needs and offer suggestions of which clinic may suit.

Local addiction support services

For statutory, NHS or charity delivered support with addiction, here are some starting points:

AA meetings in the East Midlands

Mansfield Newcomers (Mondays)

Friends Meeting House, Rosemary St

Time: 20.00

Postcode: NG19 6AB

Nottingham Kimberley: Living Sober (Wednesdays)

Parish Hall, Newdigate St, Kimberley.

Time: 20.00

Postcode: NG16 2NJ

Sawmills (Fridays)

Sawmills Village Hall, Ripley Rd

Time: 19.30 – duration 1hr 30mins

Postcode: DE56 2JQ

Further information and useful resources

Our blog is full of information and articles on addiction, rehab and detox for families and individuals suffering themselves.

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