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Port of Call provides detailed and comprehensive advice around options for alcohol rehab in London and drug rehab in London.

We can organise an immediate place in private rehab if that is the route to recovery most suited to you.

Vitally, we pride ourselves on taking the time to properly hear about and consider your own situation and circumstances. With comprehensive knowledge of rehab centres across London and the UK, we offer recommendations and advice on the locations most likely to be a productive and effective fit for you.

Help with addiction in London

It will come as little surprise that there are a huge amount of options in relation to help with an addiction in London.

Wading through those to find the ones that are most reputable and most likely to lead to real and sustained recovery can seem bewildering, especially amidst the chaos and crisis that addiction can create.

All the rehab centres we work with are regulated and overseen by the Care Quality Commission. We also invest a huge amount of time and energy into keeping up-to-date with the nuances, focuses and differences between different centres.

Alcohol Rehab London

Helping an addict who is in denial in London

All the available recovery support help in a city as vast as London isn’t enough when the person who needs it is in denial.

A well planned, structured and supported intervention is one route to try to make a breakthrough in that scenario. It involves presenting an addicted person with the consequences and impacts of their addiction in a calm and supportive way, as well as options for support and recovery. We can support and facilitate this.

What happens in rehab in London?

Rehab in London can consist of a highly clinical approach or one more led by complementary styles. Most residential rehab centres will combine different forms of therapy to a greater or lesser degree.

Rehab provides an opportunity to escape day-to-day life and your current environment for a period to allow an unrivalled opportunity to break the cycle of addiction and prompt recovery and abstinence.

Some centres offer a more exclusive environment, with fewer residents admitted at once and higher quality accommodation and facilities. Others may offer similar care at a more affordable price.

We’re happy to discuss the options and answer questions. Our phone lines are covered 24 hours a day but you can also text or email if preferred.

AA Meetings in London

For a full list of the meetings in London visit Alcoholics Anonymous today.

West End Soho LGBT Step (Mondays)
St Annes Church, 55 Dean St (between Old Compton St & Shaftesbury Ave).
Time: 18.30 - duration 1hr
Postcode: W1D 6AF

Soho Sober (Wednesdays)
St Annes Church, 55 Dean St.
Time: 18.00 - duration 1hr
Postcode: W1D 6AF

Soho Early Days (Fridays)
Soho Recovery Centre, 123 Charing Cross Road
Time: 13.00 - duration 1hr
Postcode: WC2H 0EW

We have also created some helpful information to help you understand more about rehab, and what to expect. 

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“I wanted somewhere caring and compassionate. Not a boot camp approach. I’m sober 6 months on”

Susan from Wolverhampton

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