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Help with addiction in Middlesbrough

Rehab Clinics Near Middlesborough

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No-one who is concerned about alcohol or drug use – or any other type of addiction issue – needs to face it alone.

Whatever your situation, however long it has been going on and whatever you have tried before, there is help available.

Having the courage to reach out, especially if it isn’t the first time you have done so, is incredibly hard, but we’re here to ensure that this time things really do change.

Our specialism is in referrals to private residential detox and rehab – an option that we’ve seen spell the beginning of recovery over-and-over again, even where other attempts have not succeeded. It allows you to take control of when and where you get well.

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Local addiction support services

There is help at hand for those looking for more community based support or families and carers who need support themselves:

  • Choices Middlesbrough – A service specifically for young people offering advice, information and support relating to drug and alcohol use.
  • Branches – a support service for people who are worried or affected by the drug or alcohol use of someone else. Primarily a peer-led support group where people can find friendship and understanding in a non-judgemental environment.
  • Narcotics Anonymous (NA) – open to people who are personally suffering with substance addiction and misuse issues, Narcotics Anonymous is a forum of peer support and discussion.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) – There are numerous AA meetings under the umbrella of the Durham and Cleveland Intergroup, including options in Middlesbrough and surrounding areas.

How Port of Call can help

Our friendly, non-judgemental team is here to provide confidential advice and information on all the options in your area.

We are happy to be a sounding board for anyone in need of addiction support and will signpost to appropriate local services to fit your needs.

We specialise in offering detailed information and securing places at private rehab services and can advise on the treatments on offer, prices and environments. No question is too small.

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Rehab for people in Middlesbrough

Residential rehab is an option that provides unsurpassed opportunity for recovery for those with entrenched addiction issues. We organise immediate bookings to private rehab centres and offer advice on all that entails.

We are here to advise on the most accessible options and those that will fit best with your individual circumstances.

One of the benefits of choosing private care is the opportunity it gives you to find the right care for you, rather than focusing purely on what is most local. We can discuss options where you can benefit from a tailor-made recovery environment in the heart of beautiful countryside, budget friendly choices and seaside recovery.

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Further information you may find useful

Our guides and blog are packed with information about spotting the signs of addiction, helping family members who are suffering, supporting employees and colleagues and much more. You may also find what you’re looking for within our FAQs.

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We’re specialists in UK rehab options and can advise you on alcohol rehab in the North West, drug rehab in the North West and other addiction support services in the area.