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Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Manchester

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Help with addiction in Manchester

Port of Call is here to help you to access addiction recovery support quickly. We work with a trusted network of the very best recovery specialists, therapists, counsellors, and rehab clinics in Manchester.

Whether you’ve already tried some options in and around Manchester and feel you no longer know where to turn or this is the first time you’re reaching out for help, Port of Call can advise you on where to go next.

A rehab clinic in Manchester

Rehab for people in Manchester

Residential rehab is the most successful way to deal with deep-set addiction issues and allows total immersion in dealing with the problem and setting a solution in progress.

Getting funded rehab is extremely difficult and we specialise in referring people to private clinics.

We understand that you may wish (or need) to stay close to home for treatment. Alternatively, for others, the privacy and physical step of being further away is preferred.

Just one option is our affiliated Cheshire addiction treatment centre. This provides group or one-to-one sessions, family support, detox treatment and supported abstinence within its offering.

At Port of Call, we specialise in listening to your situation and providing impartial advice on the available solutions. Call us on 0808 302 4833, text or email help@portofcall.com

What happens in addiction rehab?

Rehab is a place to find support – not just with addiction but the underlying problems that have led you there such as anxiety, depression, trauma or stress. There is not one centre that offers all things to all people and so we’re here to offer input on the benefits of different options.

Costs of rehab at a private residential centre will vary based on factors including the standard of accommodation and catering. We’re here to help you find an accessible solution.

AA meetings and support in Manchester

Manchester Miles Platting (Mondays)
St Cuthberts Church Hall,
Oldham Rd,
Miles Platting,
M40 7AQ

Live and Let Live (Wednesdays)
LGBT Foundation,
5 Richmond Street,
M1 3HF

1st Manchester: Courage To Change (Fridays)
Room 16,
Central Hall,
Oldham St,
M1 1JQ

You can find a full list of all AA meetings in Manchester and across the North West here https://www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk/.

Local addiction support services

Funded community based support is available in Manchester.

Organisations that may be able to help include:

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Further information you may find useful

We’re here to answer any questions, queries or concerns you have about all aspects of private residential rehab, from accessibility, to cost and treatment types.

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You can also find advice and information in our blog, FAQs and information and guides.

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