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Help with addiction in Swinton

Rehab Clinics Near Swinton

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If you are in Swinton and seeking rehab, we’re here to support you to find the right placement and begin the path to recovery.

We have extensive knowledge of the rehab centres in the Greater Manchester area and beyond and work to impart insight and knowledge via phone, email and direct message.

We’ll listen to what you are facing, take time to understand the challenges you’re experiencing and concerns you have and seek to provide all the answers you need.

When you are ready, we can organise an immediate booking.

Private residential rehab is a highly effective route to recovery from drug alcohol and other addiction issues.

Seeking treatment privately means waiting lists are not an issue, the resources to provide the intensive support required for real change are available and you have control over where and when you get well.

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Rehab for people in Swinton

There are a number of private residential rehab options in the north east of England.

One centre we work with in Bolton offers particularly affordable treatment for situations where keeping costs down is a priority.

Feel free to take a look at some of the options on offer or do get in touch for additional explanation and guidance.

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How Port of Call can help

We provide an advice, information and booking service for private residential rehab across the UK.

Our empathetic team takes the time to listen to your particular needs and we’ll advise on the next steps you might like to take and centres most suited to your requirements.

We can organise visits to rehab centres, guide on interventions where the person with the addiction is in denial or refusing help and organise immediate placements in rehab.

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Local support services

People in Swinton have access to a range of community-based drug and alcohol support, which can be helpful either for those with less entrenched addiction, as additional aftercare support or for family and friends of those affected by addiction.

  • Alcoholics Anonymous – Meetings are available in and around Swinton, Salford, Manchester and neighbouring areas.
  • We Understand – a carers support group in Salford for people affected by addiction.
Do you have any questions?
Call now for a free, friendly and non judgmental assessment
  • All our call handlers are themselves in recovery
  • We visit all clinics in our network to understand what’s most suitable for you
  • We can organise same day admission
  • Let us help you and your family find freedom from addiction today

Further information you may find useful

Questions over whether detox is required, if family can visit and whether mobile phones are allowed in rehab are all questions we are well used to.

We’re happy to talk through any questions you have and our FAQs, blog and guides are also filled with relevant information.

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We work with all the major insurers

We’re specialists in UK rehab options and can advise you on alcohol rehab in the North West, drug rehab in the North West and other addiction support services in the area.