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Rehab Clinics in Scotland (7)

Alcohol and drug rehab in Dumfries

If you are facing the difficult reality that you may need drug rehab in Dumfries...

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Aberdeen Rehab Centre

This Aberdeen addiction rehab clinic is situated in the village of Oldmeldrum in North East...

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Glasgow Rehab Centre

This addiction rehab centre in Glasgow is located amid peaceful and tranquil gardens, on the...

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Alcohol and drug rehab in Inverness

Port of Call offers independent advice on drug rehab in Inverness and alcohol rehab in...

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Alcohol and drug rehab in Dundee

Our addiction recovery advice specialists are trained to be sympathetic and informative to guide you...

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Alcohol and drug rehab in Edinburgh

There are many people, from all walks of life, seeking information around drug rehab in...

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Ayrshire rehab centre

Residential alcohol and drug treatment centre in Ayrshire, Scotland. A discreet rural location with a...

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Addiction rehab in Scotland

We are the first ‘port of call’ when you are seeking addiction rehab in Scotland.

Our team is built from people with personal experience of addiction recovery and we pride ourselves on offering empathetic, confidential and practical advice and support.

We can organise an immediate private rehab booking when that is the most appropriate course of action.

Where can I get help?

Help with addiction in Scotland, whether you are in the city or rurally-based, is readily available and accessible.

We firmly believe neither geography nor budget should stand in the way of anyone getting the addiction recovery support they need.

Wherever you are in the country, we welcome the opportunity to talk with you about the options available and to link you to service providers.

Get help in Scotland

Thinking about your loved ones

We know one of the hardest things about addiction is the impact on loved ones, friends and family. Being around and involved with someone who is consumed by addiction whether that be drug, alcohol, gambling or another addictive behaviour can be harrowing.

We regularly talk to the loved ones of addicts about how they can intervene and help. These are conversations we welcome and are happy to have. We’ll discuss available treatments with you and can even help you stage an intervention to encourage a loved one with an addiction to seek help.

Alcohol Rehab Scotland

What happens when I get there?

Rehab in Scotland can mean a variety of things and is shaped by the individual needs of the person involved.

Private residential rehab is available immediately and involves taking up a place in a specialist unit with all the clinical and professional support necessary to leave addiction behind.

There are usually elements of physical support, which may involve detox and medication to manage withdrawal symptoms, as well as emotional and psychological support to get to the base cause of the addiction and offer tools to avoid a relapse.

Please do get in touch by text, freephone or email to ask any questions in relation to rehab or addiction recovery support services in your area. We know that first contact can seem daunting, but it need not be. We’ve heard hundreds of stories of addiction and provided support to all kinds of people.


What does private rehab cost?

Port of Call work with the vast majority of private, registered clinics in the UK.  Within our network of over 40 rehab centres there is a range of prices, accommodation options and treatment programmes.  Based on 28 days residential treatment, low cost options tend to start at £5,000, mid-range clinics usually charge between £7,500 and £12,000 and premium clinics can charge up to £25,000.

How quickly can I get into rehab?

Provided the private detox and rehab clinic you are looking at has availability, admission can usually be arranged within a matter of hours or days. Entry into treatment and the need for an inpatient stay in a specialist clinic often comes at a difficult and stressful time.  Port of Call can help expedite your admission into treatment given our ability to liaise directly with treatment teams and organise assessments, logistics and so forth. 

What if I cannot afford private treatment?

Keep in mind that a shorter stay in treatment costs less than staying for a full 28 day course.  As such, you might consider a week or two in a low cost private clinic which could cost around £2,000 – £3,500.  This will give you a good foundation for your ongoing recovery and is better than not seeking professional help at all.  Many people ask families and friends for help with the costs. 

If you have no budget available, then the help that is available to you is via the NHS and charitable organisations. The best starting point is often with your own GP who can signpost local addiction treatment options.  We list some of the better known services on our website and you’re very welcome to call us for further help and support.

Addiction support services in Scotland

There are a variety of community based support services for people who are not able to access the benefits of private residential rehab, as well as for families and friends of people struggling with addiction.

They include:

AA meetings in Scotland

For a full list of the meetings in Scotland visit Alcoholics Anonymous today.

Aberdeen Women in Recovery (Mondays)
Upper Church Hall, St Mary’s Cathedral,16 Huntly St
Time: 18.00 – duration 1hr 20mins
Postcode: AB10 1SH

Falkirk Carron Afternoon (Wednesdays)
Carron Free Church of Scotland, Beaumont Drive, New Carron.
Time: 14.00
Postcode: FK2 8SN

Edinburgh 1st (Fridays)
7 Blackfriars St.
Time: 20.00
Postcode: EH1 1NB

Further information

We’re here to answer any questions you have and talk your concerns through with you.

Our FAQs and information and guides are also packed with information.

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