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Help with addiction in Bexhill

Rehab Clinics Near Bexhill

East Sussex

When you are struggling to know where to turn next in a bid to resolve an addiction issue, we’re your next ‘port of call’.

We provide detailed advice and information on the private services available for detox and rehab – where there’s no delay to treatment and recovery.

We work with employers who want to help a staff member, families who want to help a loved one, friends of people who are dependent on drugs or alcohol and people who are struggling with addictions themselves. That’s the case whether their addiction relates to substances, gambling, porn or anything else.

Addiction treatment and support centre in West Suxxex

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Local addiction support services

No one should have to face addiction and recovery alone. If you need community-based support, here are a few places to start:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous has meetings in Bexhill, Hastings, Rye, St Leonards and Tcehurst. Find details via the link.
  • Narcotics Anonymous meetings take place in the surrounding area, including in Hastings and Eastbourne.

How Port of Call can help

We are an advice, information and booking service for private detox, rehab and recovery services.

We’re always happy to provide a listening ear and to talk through what’s going on with you and the steps you could consider taking to move toward recovery.

We endeavour to answer all questions regarding the differences between the rehab centres available, the varied costs involved and accessibility – and we can organise immediate places.

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Rehab for people in Bexhill

Getting to grips with the kind of rehab clinic that will make you feel most comfortable – and offer everything you need – are the first steps when beginning your search.

We can present options with a particularly homely feel or those that are highly competitive in terms of pricing. Alternatively you may need to prioritise somewhere with on-site detox specialties.

We’ll take the time to understand your needs, priorities and circumstances and deliver options to match.

Do you have any questions?
Call now for a free, friendly and non judgmental assessment
  • All our call handlers are themselves in recovery
  • We visit all clinics in our network to understand what’s most suitable for you
  • We can organise same day admission
  • Let us help you and your family find freedom from addiction today

Further information you may find useful

We’re always happy to help on a one-to-one basis with any queries you have around rehab, recovery, detox and addiction. Please do feel free to contact us via text, email or phone.

You’ll also find a stock of information in our FAQs, information and guides and blog.

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We work with all the major insurers

We’re specialists in UK rehab options and can advise you on alcohol rehab in the North West, drug rehab in the North West and other addiction support services in the area.