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Whether you are an employer trying to find appropriate addiction support for a member of your team, know a family member needs help or you are an individual who wants to get well, we are here to help.

Our service is mostly directed at those people who have reached a stage where residential rehab is the most appropriate option.

Rehab may sometimes be provided on the NHS but people come to us when they want to move past the issues of complex qualifying criteria and waiting lists. We link people to privately-funded addiction treatment and explain the nuances of what is available.

Alcohol Addiction Rehab Centre in Woking South East England

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Local addiction support services

Below, we’ve listen some of the other treatment and addiction support options in Brighton and Hove, including some that provide support for families and carers. These services may be able to provide first line treatment and can be vital as relapse prevention support too.

  • BHT’s addiction services – Brighton Housing Trust has a number of support projects for people facing addiction issues in Brighton and Hove. These include specialist projects to provide accomodation to people moving on from rehabilitation programmes and those undergoing community based detox and recovery.
  • Oasis Project – founded in 1997 this organisation provides support to women, children and families affected by drugs and alcohol.
  • Pavilions – a charity providing support to anyone concerned about their own drug or alcohol use as well as to families and carers of those with substance misuse issues. The charity has a specific LGBT+ pathway.

How Port of Call can help

Our service was formed as a consequence of the personal experience of our founder, who initially struggled to find the right rehab support to help him overcome addiction issues.

What we have created plugs that gap and means people have somewhere to turn at the point where they feel all options have been exhausted.

We provide detailed guidance on private residential rehab options, how to go about choosing one and offer a booking service too.

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Rehab for people in Brighton

Different rehab clinics offer different things, meaning they are not all equal and not all perfectly suited to every individual.

Some offer detox on site, use a range of treatment methods, including perhaps CBT and complementary therapies, whilst others focus more on the 12-step model, for example.

Some are seaside based, some in town centres, some have many guests at once and others are more exclusive. We can discuss what’s important to you and make suggestions to fit.

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Further information you may find useful

We are always here to provide a listening ear, guidance and information on addiction and rehab. You can also find a wealth of information on our website via our guides, blog and FAQs.

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We’re specialists in UK rehab options and can advise you on alcohol rehab in the North West, drug rehab in the North West and other addiction support services in the area.