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Help with addiction in Maidstone

Rehab Clinics Near Maidstone


We are here to provide support, advice, information and a booking service to anyone who is seeking support with addiction.

We work with a broad range of private residential rehab providers, allowing us to access the clinic that offers the treatment and service that is right for you and your individual circumstances.

We work with employers, families and individuals to enable access to recovery services for valued staff, loved ones and people who need help themselves.

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Rehab for people in Maidstone

Rehab is an option to consider when you know you need to take substantial and effective action to deal with an addiction issue.

There are accessible private rehab providers for people in Kent that provide excellent support and outcomes for people dealing with all kinds of addiction, including drugs, alcohol and other issues.

We can advise on clinics that have a focus on ensuring they’re affordable and accessible as well as those that may be further afield but provide an opportunity for a premium environment.

Drug Addiction Rehab Centre in Surry South East England

How Port of Call can help

We’re here to ensure everyone has a first ‘port of call’ when they’re unsure where to turn for addiction support.

We’ll do that whether you have not yet sought treatment or, as is the case with many of the people we help, you’ve explored other options and not found the solution that is right for you.

We specialise in understanding and explaining the private residential rehab options in the UK, which we know provide life changing and life saving support in an under-pressure healthcare system that is not always able to offer the timely, easy access treatment people need.

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Local addiction support services

Community, NHS and charity support is available in your area. Here are some of the places you can find it:

  • Cocaine Anonymous – find details of meetings in Kent via this link. These are peer support meetings for people in recovery
  • Alcoholics Anonymous – meetings are held at a number of venues in Maidstone as well as in wider Kent.
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  • We visit all clinics in our network to understand what’s most suitable for you
  • We can organise same day admission
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Further information you may find useful

We understand the complicated emotions, issues and concerns raised by addiction, not just for the person directly affected but all of the people around them too.

Do feel free to browse our blogs and info & guides sections for articles on the things you may be facing, experiencing or troubled by.

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We work with all the major insurers

We’re specialists in UK rehab options and can advise you on alcohol rehab in the North West, drug rehab in the North West and other addiction support services in the area.