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Help with addiction in Newhaven

Rehab Clinics Near Newhaven

East Sussex

We are an advice, information and booking service for private residential rehab in the UK.

No-one needs to face addiction alone and we are here to ensure they don’t have to.

Our empathetic team handles all enquiries with sensitivity and compassion. Confidentiality is assured.

Whatever stage of addiction you or a loved one is at – whether you’ve sought treatment before or not – we’re your next ‘port of call’.

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Rehab for people in Newhaven

We pride ourselves on not only offering the most obvious treatment solution, instead listening carefully to your circumstances and suggesting options we believe will be the best fit.

It may be that you want to consider options outside of Sussex to gain perspective, distance and discretion – or due to the fact a particular clinic offers a treatment style or environment that best promotes your chance of recovery.

If a seaside environment is one in which you thrive, you may consider Bournemouth for example. If you want truly holistic care in a purpose built setting, Chester may be for you, despite the distance.

We can advise on the specifics of clinics across the UK and help you make your choice.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centre in Woking South East England

How Port of Call can help

We’re here to listen, first and foremost, and also offer relevant options to help people move forward from addiction.

We speak with employers seeking to help staff, families seeking to support loved ones and individuals who need treatment themselves.

Our expertise is in private residential rehab and we work with numerous providers across the UK, enabling immediate referrals and placements to clinics suited to individual needs and circumstances.

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Local addiction support services

There are a number of places to find support with alcohol, drug and addiction issues in the Newhaven area.

These include:

  • SMART Recovery meetings take place in Brighton and Hove. SMART (Self Management and Recovery Training) provides training and tools for people who want to overcome addictions
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  • We can organise same day admission
  • Let us help you and your family find freedom from addiction today

Further information you may find useful

Our blog, info & guides provide detailed insight into many aspects of addiction and recovery.

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We work with all the major insurers

We’re specialists in UK rehab options and can advise you on alcohol rehab in the North West, drug rehab in the North West and other addiction support services in the area.