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Rehab in Bristol

Rehab Clinics Near Bristol

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We’re here to help, support, advise and, where appropriate, organise a booking for anyone who is seeking Bristol rehab.

Our friendly and experienced team offers a listening ear, empathy and a vast amount of knowledge about addiction, recovery and UK rehab options.

There are a number of rehab and recovery options within reach of the city. It can be daunting trying to understand the differences between them and work out which is most suitable for you, which is where we come in.

Rehabs differ not just in cost but also treatment approaches and methodology, the clientele they tend to attract, surrounding environment and accommodation. Making a selection that you feel comfortable with is an aid and boost to recovery opportunity.

Our featured clinic

This is a clinic that operates on the understanding that addiction is a symptom of an unresolved, underlying problem or issue.

It works to help clients understand themselves and their problems better in order that the addictive behaviour is no longer the turn-to coping mechanism.

The clinic:

  • Is experienced at dealing with alcohol and drug addictions, food disorders and other compulsive behaviours, such as gambling, sex and gaming addictions
  • Uses cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) widely used to help clients get to grips with the negative mental patterns at the root of their addictions
  • Does not use the traditional 12-step recovery method
  • Offers a medically supervised detox service
  • Makes use of one-to-one counselling, complementary therapies and psychoanalysis
  • Offers only private rooms and full board
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Getting to Bristol

Bristol benefits from an airport as well as excellent rail, road and public transport. As a result, it’s a city within relatively easy reach of anywhere in the UK.

It is one of the south west’s major cities, close to the Welsh border and less than three hours from London by road.

Bristol may be an option for rehab not just for those who live nearby but also people who will benefit from the sense of getting away from things in order to focus on recovery and step outside of their usual environment and lifestyle.

How Port of Call supports people

Port of Call prides itself on the advice and comfort we offer to people in a time of fear and crisis.

We take the time to understand our clients and their needs and make recommendations tailored to you.

For quick, simple, well considered and non pushy referral to rehab, we are a one-stop-shop.

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Other suitable clinics

There are a number of other clinics to choose from in the south west, each with their own unique aspects.

Do feel free to browse some of the other options or to give us a call and allow us to make suggestions based on your means and circumstances.

We can expedite the entire process to clear away the confusion and get a booking organised that allows very quick admission, even on the same day in some cases.

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Further information you may find useful

You’ll find a wealth of information on addiction, recovery and rehab in our blog and FAQs.

Do feel free to take a look or do get in touch for a no obligation chat and we’ll be happy to help.

You can contact us by email, phone or via the direct message on the site.

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