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Bristol Rehab Centre

This residential addiction treatment centre is situated in Bristol, South West, England. Offering discreet, private treatment in modern and comfortable surroundings, this is an excellent place to gain freedom from active addiction and build the foundations of your recovery.

What is the environment like?

Discreet, private treatment in modern and comfortable surroundings; an excellent place to gain freedom from active addiction and build the foundations of your recovery.

How long will I stay?

Most clients will stay 8 -12 weeks.

What is the ethos and approach?

A unique approach that encompasses therapies aimed at healing the body, mind, soul and heart. The clinic uses a variety of traditional approaches as well as new and progressive techniques developing in the world of addiction treatment. The primary purpose is to cater to individual needs through an abstinence based, person centred care planning approach. There is a strong emphasis on ‘taking responsibility’ with ‘consistent and fair’ boundaries that encircle the residents promoting ‘safety and trust’.

Who will be looking after you?

A number of handpicked, highly qualified professionals work within the retreat, all with their own unique qualities and capabilities. The team are passionate towards promoting recovery, healing and personal growth.

Who is it suited for?

Those who value personal space, privacy and comfort.
Men and women over the age of 18 who present with an addiction.

Who is this clinic regulated by?

This clinic is regulated by the Care Quality Commission, the governing body who set standards of quality and safety.

How do I find out more?

To organise a free assessment at this clinic call 08000029010.
You can also speak with someone who’s completed treatment at this clinic.
To order a free brochure, please click here.

Can I visit this treatment centre?

Absolutely.  We would recommend you visit the treatment centre and meet with the team who will be looking after you. It’s a good chance to get a feel for what a stay here is like and for the team to get to know you and ensure they can fulfil your needs. You’ll be given an opportunity to talk with clients who are in treatment and ask them about their own experiences.

AA meetings and addiction support sessions in Bristol

Bristol Broadmead Lunch (Mondays)
Broadmead Baptist Church,
Lower Union St,

Bristol Central Union Lunchtime (Wednesdays)
Broadmead Baptist Church,
1 Whippington Court,
The Horsefair

Bristol How It Works (Fridays)
Broadmead Baptist Church,
Union St,

You can find a full list of all AA meetings in Bristol and across South West here https://www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk/.

We’ve pulled together some of the most useful resources and information for the area.


What's the closest rehab to me?
There are some 40 private detox and rehab clinics in the UK, so there’s likely to be options close to home.   The Port of Call rehab directory lists some of the clinics we work with which will give you a sense of what is available.  It’s worth calling us though as we can help match your needs with a range of options.  Keep in mind that when you come into rehab, you’ll likely be staying for a number of weeks.  If the most suitable clinic is some distance away, or if you choose to travel out of area for your care, don’t worry – a fresh start without distraction is often the best recourse.  Port of Call can help with logistics if you’re concerned about how to get to the clinic.

What's the best rehab?

Put very simply, the best clinic is the one that is most suitable for you.  Clinic programmes vary considerably and by contacting us we can take the time to understand what it is that you are struggling with and which treatment provider is most suitable.

What should I think about when choosing a private clinic?

Navigating the options for private treatment can be overwhelming and is a task that often falls at a difficult time.  The likelihood is you will need and want to start treatment straightaway, yet it’s worth ensuring that you have done your research and are confident in and happy with the clinic you have in mind.  Port of Call exists to help you find the best care and below is some of what we will guide you through when you contact us.

  • Whether the treatment provider is fully registered with the Care Quality Commission
  • What resource and expertise the clinic has on site and does this cater for your needs
  • The price of the treatment, relative to what you can afford and what other clinics are charging
  • What aftercare provision the clinic offers
  • What the family visit policy is
  • What the environment and accommodation on offer is
  • Whether the clinic is exclusively private or whether they also accept local authority referrals
  • The ratio of staff to clients
  • The treatment programme on offer

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