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Weston Super Mare Rehab Centre

Residential Addiction Treatment in Weston-Super-Mare. As the oldest 12 Step treatment provider in the UK, the approach here combines counselling with physical and mental healthcare in order to provide the patient with every chance of sustaining long-term recovery.

Detox is provided via 24/7 on site medical support.

  • Established in 1974
  • 9 out of 10 clients achieve their treatment goal
  • Regulated by the Care Quality Commission
  • Award winning specialist healthcare provider

What is the environment like?

Primary Care offers an intensive residential placement for patients looking to change harmful behaviours or addictions. The abstinence-based programme follows the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and introduces the concept and importance of Mutual Aid meetings as an effective, evidenced-based means of sustaining recovery.

Freshly cooked nutritionally balanced meals, the promotion of good sleep hygiene and access to Tai-Chi and Aerobics all contribute to improving the patient’s physical health. Complementary therapies are used as a relaxation aid and to reduce anxiety.

What is the ethos and approach?

The treatment approach is client centred and based on a modified Minnesota Model with abstinence as its core aim and employing the 12 Steps of the AA/NA Fellowship.

Addiction is considered in terms of a primary illness with physical, mental and spiritual (relationship) symptoms. Each of these is treated in a multi-dimensional approach with the aim of responding to the whole person rather than their individual parts. People come to be treated because they are ill and not because they are bad or weak.

Therapy is based on individual and group work and this aspect of treatment employs an integrative approach where Motivational Interviewing, an Inter-Personal Model of group work and a range of counselling models are combined. Every attempt is made to provide a treatment process that balances support and challenge, as we believe that this will provide the best medium for change and one of the greatest assets in this process is the peer group.

How long will I stay?

Most clients stay for 12 weeks in primary, although the programme can be flexible in duration.

Who will be looking after you?

Various professionals will assist you in your recovering from addiction – a highly competent and dedicated multidisciplinary team comprising of nurses and counsellors. With 8 qualified counsellors for up to 34 patients, a full programme of counselling, group therapy, lectures and workshops is provided every day. By working with the medical team, the multi-disciplinary team addresses the holistic needs of the patient and is jointly responsible for the treatment of the patient.

AA meetings and addiction support sessions in Weston Super Mare

Weston-Super-Mare Big Book Study (Monday)
Friends Meeting House, corner of Oxford St & High Street
Time: 19.30 – duration 1hr 30mins
Postcode: BS23 1JF

Weston-Super-Mare: As Bill Sees It (Tuesday)
United Reformed Church, Worthy Place, (off The Boulevard)
Time: 11:00
Postcode: BS23 1LF

Weston-Super-Mare Language Of The Heart (Saturday)
Emmanuel Church Hall, Oxford St.
Time: 19.30 – duration 1hr 30mins
Postcode: BS23 1TN

You can find a list of all AA meetings here

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“I wanted somewhere caring and compassionate. Not a boot camp approach. I’m sober 6 months on”

Susan from Wolverhampton

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