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Rehab Clinics in Wales (3)

Rehab in Wrexham

You may feel nervous about seeking the help of a private residential rehab and that’s...

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Swansea Rehab Centre

If you’ve decided to seek help for your addiction, you’re in the right place. Port...

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Cardiff Rehab Centre

Primary and Secondary Care is provided at this small tranquil and cohesive unit enables the...

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Port of Call offers a wide range of support services for people facing issues with addiction in Wales.

Our dedicated team has the time to explain the available options and how each would work for you, your loved one or colleague.

We work closely with providers of drug rehab in Wales, as well as alcohol rehab in Wales, to ensure we have up-to-date information to answer your questions.

What are the different options in Wales?

We’re specialists in the nuances of the different rehabilitation options available in Wales and can advise you before you invest, whether that be in counselling, detox or a residential placement.

Cardiff, for example, has an award-winning women’s only treatment centre. We know gender specific centres can be important when creating a safe space for some people. For others that won’t be important.

We’ll take the time to listen to your reservations and requirements and help guide you to what will work.

Email us on help@portofcall.com or call free from mobiles and landlines on 0800 002 9010. You can also text.

Alcohol Rehab Wales

Facing up to the fact that you, someone in your family, or a friend may have an issue with alcohol or drug addiction is tough. Reaching out to find the right rehab facility can be confusing. At Port of Call, we can help to ease you through this process. For expert and confidential guidance on how to find an addiction treatment clinic or private rehab centre to suit you in Wales, call for free today on 08000029010.

Is your concern for someone else?

If your concern is for someone else and you fear they may not yet be ready to face their problem and seek help, we can support you in tackling it with them.

We have lots of experience in supporting interventions and enabling positive change.

Additionally, we have offer workplace support to a number of household names.


Where's the best rehab?

Put very simply, the best clinic is the one that is most suitable for you.  Clinic programmes vary considerably and by contacting us we can take the time to understand what it is that you are struggling with and which treatment provider is most suitable. 

What should I budget for treatment?

This is where Port of Call can help.  Brand is lacking in the sector and we started our helpline in order to assist those in need of addiction treatment navigate the options.  Our free assessment service can help identify your requirements and our role then is to match these to a suitable provider.  Part and part of this assessment is around determining what medical and clinical input you will need whilst in treatment.  For instance, if you have become physically dependent on a substance and require a clinical detox, we will ensure that those providers recommended have a nursing team on site to help facilitate this.  Furthermore, we will gain a sense of what help you have had in the past and this may well inform what treatment programme and approach you are likely to respond to.  We’ll also take into account the culture, environment and ethos of the centre and how this will fit with what you are looking for.  Geography is often a consideration too.  There can be a benefit in seeking residential treatment close to home and likewise, sometimes it is sensible to travel for rehab too.

Do I need a detox?

If you call Port of Call we will take the time to understand what’s happening for you and whether or not you are likely to need an alcohol or drug detox.  We will then organise for a medical professional to carry out a more involved assessment.

Residential rehab options

Residential rehabilitation options are, for those with the deepest set addictions, the most effective route to recovery in Wales and elsewhere.

They consist of supported abstinence, with counselling and medical oversight to ensure you can deal with the physical and psychological challenge of getting – and staying – clean.

Costs vary and can be tailored to your means to an extent. There are options for funding treatment and we don’t want to see anyone put off rehab by fear of cost. For one week, private rehab costs may begin at £1,500. NHS options, though difficult to access, may also be available.

AA Meetings in Wales

For a full list of the meetings in Wales visit Alcoholics Anonymous today.

Bangor (Mondays)

Abbey Road Centre, 5-9 Abbey Rd

Time: 19.30

Postcode: LL57 2EA

Caernarfon Primary Purpose Big Book Study (Wednesdays)

Town House, 24-26 High St.

Time: 12.00 – duration 1hr 30mins

Postcode: LL55 1RH

Bangor Penrhyn (Fridays)

Penrhyn House, Llandegai Rd

Time: 18.00 – duration 1hr 30mins

Postcode: LL57 1PZ

We have also created some helpful information to help you understand more about rehab, and what to expect.

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