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Rehab Clinics in West midlands (8)

Alcohol & drug rehab in Stratford-upon-Avon

Don’t let addiction win; put up a fight against your dependency with a helping hand...

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Rehab in Solihull

We’re here to support you when you are looking for private residential rehab in the...

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Shropshire Rehab Centre

This drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic in Shropshire is located in the heart of the...

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Alcohol and drug rehab in Wolverhampton

Taking the first step to seek help with addiction isn’t easy and we at Port...

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Alcohol and drug rehab in Stoke on Trent

Knowing where to turn for addiction treatment can be tough, especially if you’re looking on...

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Alcohol and drug rehab in Leamington Spa

When you recognise that you have developed a problem with drug or alcohol addiction, it...

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Warwickshire Rehab Centre

Residential addiction rehab centre in Warwickshire, West Midlands. This treatment centre gives you the opportunity...

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Rehab in Birmingham

We are here to support anyone who is investigating rehab options in the Birmingham area....

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Help with addiction in the West Midlands

We link people to private residential rehab across the UK, including in the West Midlands.

Our service is designed to give you somewhere to turn for advice and information on the broad range of clinics available and to choose an appropriate one for you. When you are ready, we can organise your booking too.

Rehab in the West Midlands

There is no substitute for residential rehab when it comes to breaking the cycle of addiction and beginning a path to sustained recovery.  It offers people the support and environment they need to end the dependence and become equipped with the tools to remain free of addiction.

Our team members have their own stories of addiction and recovery and, as we’ve really been there, we truly understand.

Options accessible to people in the West Midlands area include a Solihull clinic set in converted barns and surrounded by gardens and fields and a Birmingham clinic in a residential area, with a homely feel.

Addiction Rehab West Midlands

Helping someone who is in denial

Not everyone is yet ready to face the issues they have with addiction and access help.

When that is the case, we have a track record in assisting and enabling interventions and we are happy to talk you through this process.

We are also engaged by a number of businesses to offer support services to staff.


Why do the fees that clinics charge vary so much?

Rehab fees vary based on location, resource, expertise and accommodation.  For instance, a low-cost rehab provider may occupy a secondary site in an area where rents and rates cost less, they will often have less medical resource on site and will likely offer shared rooms too.  A mid-range clinic might command a higher fee if they offer a luxurious environment and have more medical resource on site.  Some clinics, for instance will have a consultant psychiatrist attached to their service; meaning they can treat more complex issues.

What are the success rates?

Good question.  There are no guarantees that if you enter into private rehab you will be clean and sober forever more.  Many people are and of those people that work here at Port of Call we have all been in long term continuous recovery since we left treatment.  Of our alumni clients who we place and support through the process, the vast majority stay well.  Entering into rehab is a little bit like going to university in that there is no guarantee you will get a degree, yet if you work hard and have a desire to succeed, you will better your chances of success.  Choosing the right clinic, engaging with what they have to offer and having a solid aftercare plan in place are all things that help protect your investment.

What does private rehab cost?

Port of Call work with the vast majority of private, registered clinics in the UK.  Within our network of over 40 rehab centres there is a range of prices, accommodation options and treatment programmes.  Based on 28 days residential treatment, low cost options tend to start at £5,000, mid-range clinics usually charge between £7,500 and £12,000 and premium clinics can charge up to £25,000.

Local addiction support services

Residential rehab is not available to the majority of people via NHS and statutory services due to pressure on budgets. But community-based treatment and other services may be.

You can find out more about government-funded addiction treatment via: 

Further information and useful resources

Find lots of further information on rehab, recovery, detox and addiction via our guides, blog and FAQs.

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