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Solihull Rehab Centre

If you’re looking for alcohol rehab in Solihull or, alternatively, drug rehab in Solihull, you’ve come to the right place. Port of Call has the ability to refer you to all of the best addiction treatment centres in the UK.

Our team is made up of experts and addiction specialists, many of whom have had personal experiences with all sides of dependency. From the addiction itself to treatment, they can provide you with friendly advice that comes from the heart.

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Help with addiction in Solihull

As a town with a significant amount of bigger cities nearby, there’s a myriad of options close to Solihull. We recommend residential rehab, as this is considered the most effective form of treatment as it takes you away from your triggers or any toxic environments that contribute to your addiction. We’ll explore your options in the wider West Midlands region and further afield, to ensure you have a range of options to consider.

Port of Call can discuss your needs and refer you to a residential rehab centre that best accommodates your requirements. We can recommend all of the best programmes nearby, as well as looking at options further from home if that’s what you would prefer.

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Helping an addict who is in denial in Solihull

Dealing with a dependency is not just incredibly taxing for the addict, but for those around them too. This frustration comes from a place of concern for the addict’s safety, especially if they’re in a serious state of denial. If this is the case, you may want to step in by hosting an intervention with other close family and friends.

Being confronted by those close to them is often enough to make the addict realise just how severe their dependency to drugs or alcohol has become, which further encourages them to get help. We’ll be able to give you guidance when it comes to holding the intervention, as well as referring a trained professional to attend.

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What happens in rehab in Solihull?

Rehab is a comprehensive treatment that deals with all elements of the addiction, with both the physical effects and psychological problems being dealt with effectively. You can expect to undergo therapy to relieve any mental triggers or issues that may be pushing the addiction further. This will help you sustain your recovery in the long term as you’ll be more equipped to handle a sober lifestyle with healthy coping methods. Our team can guide you through your options, get in touch today to talk about your current situation and find a way forward to beat your addiction.


Why do the fees that clinics charge vary so much?

Rehab fees vary based on location, resource, expertise and accommodation.  For instance, a low-cost rehab provider may occupy a secondary site in an area where rents and rates cost less, they will often have less medical resource on site and will likely offer shared rooms too.  A mid-range clinic might command a higher fee if they offer a luxurious environment and have more medical resource on site.  Some clinics, for instance will have a consultant psychiatrist attached to their service; meaning they can treat more complex issues.

What should I budget for treatment?

This is where Port of Call can help.  Brand is lacking in the sector and we started our helpline in order to assist those in need of addiction treatment navigate the options.  Our free assessment service can help identify your requirements and our role then is to match these to a suitable provider.  Part and part of this assessment is around determining what medical and clinical input you will need whilst in treatment.  For instance, if you have become physically dependent on a substance and require a clinical detox, we will ensure that those providers recommended have a nursing team on site to help facilitate this.  Furthermore, we will gain a sense of what help you have had in the past and this may well inform what treatment programme and approach you are likely to respond to.  We’ll also take into account the culture, environment and ethos of the centre and how this will fit with what you are looking for.  Geography is often a consideration too.  There can be a benefit in seeking residential treatment close to home and likewise, sometimes it is sensible to travel for rehab too.

What are the success rates?

Good question.  There are no guarantees that if you enter into private rehab you will be clean and sober forever more.  Many people are and of those people that work here at Port of Call we have all been in long term continuous recovery since we left treatment.  Of our alumni clients who we place and support through the process, the vast majority stay well.  Entering into rehab is a little bit like going to university in that there is no guarantee you will get a degree, yet if you work hard and have a desire to succeed, you will better your chances of success.  Choosing the right clinic, engaging with what they have to offer and having a solid aftercare plan in place are all things that help protect your investment.

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