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Information & Guides : Prescription drug awareness

09 Aug 18

When used safely and correctly, sleeping pills are an effective way of helping to manage your sleep. However, when abused, like any other drug, they become dangerous.

11 Jul 18

In 2017, one in 11 patients in the United Kingdom were prescribed potentially addictive drugs as a painkiller following a serious injury or operation. The United States in such an opiate crisis, the president needed to address it in a press conference. So how does this happen, and what are painkiller addiction long term effects?

11 Apr 17

Going through prescription drug addiction treatment and recovery can be an extremely challenging time in an individual’s life. Sometimes, individuals need extra support and motivation to help them continue on their journey towards long-term recovery. Some turn to prescription drug addiction blogs to seek this extra support as they often find that reading accounts of […]

19 Jul 16

Mephedrone’s cheap prices and one-time status as a ‘legal high’ made it a popular choice among British clubbers. However, in 2010 the party drug was reclassified as a Class B drug. In this blog, Port of Call unearths some dangerous mephedrone facts and side effects and looks to answer some of common mephedrone FAQs.

16 Jul 16

Prescription drugs can be allocated by doctors for surgery, chronic pain, injury or depression. Although these drugs may have been prescribed in the first instance, patients can become addicted in some circumstances. Here, Port of Call outlines which prescription drugs can sometimes lead to addiction. If you are addicted to prescription drugs and need advice, […]

08 Apr 16

It’s a problem that can all too easily be swept under the carpet, but an addiction to prescription drugs can often be just as devastating and serious as a dependence on illegal drugs. Talk to us about your options, including detox, counselling and drug rehab. In this article, we discuss some of the most addictive […]

05 Nov 15

It isn’t just illegal drugs like cocaine and heroin that are highly addictive. Some prescription drugs, such as codeine, can also lead to a physical dependency. Your addiction may have already become a problem, therefore drug rehab could be an option for you.  In this blog Port of Call explains the symptoms of a painkiller addiction, […]

31 Aug 15

To beat a codeine addiction, it is important to know what you’re dealing with. Knowing how this prescription drug effects the body, and the common signs and symptoms of a potential addiction – and indeed the resulting drug withdrawal symptoms when you stop – is vital to inform your recovery process when seeking help from […]

01 Jul 15

Many of us probably wouldn’t think twice about seeking pain relief through popular brands of medicine containing codeine. But how many of us would reconsider, knowing that these opiate-based drugs (from the same family as opium and heroin) can be highly addictive? Port of Call are here to offer advice and options on how to […]

30 Jan 15

Are prescription drugs addictive? The answer is a resounding ‘yes.’ Beyond the usual illegal suspects, like heroin and cocaine, there are numerous addictive prescription drugs that can lead to powerful dependencies. Port of Call investigates.

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