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05 Jul 19

‘Rehab’ is not a standard term that means one singular thing, rather a descriptor for a variety of options and range of offers. There are many different types of rehab for all kinds of addictions and addictive behaviour. Rehab is something that can be carried out residentially or in the community and is distinct from […]

07 Jun 19

It’s completely normal to be concerned or anxious about the specifics of what rehab will look and feel like. Every centre will have specific guidance around how the days will look, the treatment involved, the environment and what you can or cannot take with you. When you’re deciding which centre to go to it’s perfectly […]

31 May 19

Rehab is a concept that is alien to many and something we see widespread misconceptions and a limited mainstream understanding of.  We spend a lot of time answering questions about rehab and helping people to understand more about the choices they have and the experience that may await them in treatment. Here we work through […]

13 Sep 18

If you’re reading this blog, the chances are that you are considering rehab for yourself or a loved one. It can be a daunting prospect but, with the correct help, you can return to a life away from addiction.

03 Apr 18

The length of time taken to undergo rehab does vary from case to case, with several deciding factors to consider such as the substance involved, how long you’ve been addicted, age as well as physical and mental health.

09 Feb 18

Asking someone to stop drinking or abusing drugs is a difficult step to take, so it is vitally important to approach the subject correctly. You need to brace yourself for the many emotions and sheer intensity that an intervention is likely to present. Here we will look at how to get someone into rehab, and […]

29 Nov 17

There can be benefits of attending a drug or alcohol rehab clinic abroad.  Travelling overseas for treatment – often referred to as ‘medical tourism’ –  is when those in need of addiction treatment choose to travel in order to access health care services.

17 Nov 17

Are you dependant on drugs or alcohol or have you ever felt like when you begin to get to grips with your addiction, you end up being pulled back in? An addiction to alcohol or drugs may feel like a monumental challenge to overcome, however we are here to help. A crucial step in tackling […]

12 Apr 17

According to recent studies, men are more likely than women to suffer from an addiction, such as drug addiction or alcohol addiction. Addiction can manifest itself differently between genders, hence why men’s addiction treatment can differ somewhat to female addiction treatment. If you are looking for a men’s inpatient rehab centre, or a male-only outpatient […]

11 Apr 17

Inpatient rehab centres for women not only work to help women overcome an alcohol or drug addiction, but they also work identify the source of an individual’s addiction in order to minimise the chances of relapse. By offering effective treatment services a women’s addiction treatment centre will provide mental, physical and emotional support in order […]

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