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What happens in drug rehab?

Drug rehab is the most effective way of helping people overcome drug addiction, however, it can seem like a very daunting concept, especially when knowledge of rehab is fairly limited. Besides understanding drug rehab as a place to go to recover from a drug addiction, many people don’t understand the entirety of the drug rehab process and what happens in drug rehab.

what happens in drug rehab

Here, at Port of Call, we have compiled all the information needed to understand exactly what the drug rehab process entails by answering common questions such as, ‘what is drug treatment like’ and ‘what to expect from drug rehab’. By gaining a clearer understanding of the drug rehab process, it becomes easier to distinguish the best treatment for you.

What is drug rehab like?

In terms of what drug rehab is like, most drug rehab centres follow the same guide, focusing on implementing structure and routine to everyday life. By having a set structure throughout the day, anyone undergoing treatment knows what is expected of them, thereby eliminating stress or uncertainty from the process. Therefore, daily activities are usually carried out at the same time each day, throughout the duration of the treatment, in order to maximise chances of recovery.

Drug addiction rehab process

The specific process of drug addiction rehab will vary between rehab centres, however, there are four key aspects of the drug rehab process:


The intake process is used to determine the most suitable rehab centre for each individual. Patients undergo diagnostic tests or screenings to determine the best programme and treatment for them. At this stage, the severity of the individual’s addiction, their drug use history and family arrangements are discussed in order to ensure a tailor-made treatment plan is suitable.

What is the process of drug detox?

The drug detox process eliminates all traces of drugs from the body. This level of detox can result in serious withdrawal symptoms, in which case maintenance medication may be administered. The detox process is an important stage of recovery in order to flush away any toxins from the body before rehabilitation. Withdrawing from drugs suddenly can be harmful to patients, hence why the drug detox process should be carried out in a medically supervised environment. The process is gradual in order

What is the process of drug rehabilitation?

Drug rehab is an essential step in the recovery process as a follow up to the drug detox. In terms of what happens in drug rehab. It often entails treatments such as:
• Group therapy sessions
• Individual counselling
• Cognitive behavioural therapy
• Relapse prevention
The drug rehab process is carried out in an intensive, structured programme in order to maximise its effectiveness.

Ongoing recovery

Ongoing recovery is the last stage of the drug rehab process. Before leaving drug rehab, patients will meet with a counsellor or clinician who will talk them through their aftercare plan, usually offering follow up programmes to help ease them back into daily life. After finishing rehab and returning to daily life, the drug recovery process begins. This is a commitment to a life of abstinence so measures should be taken to minimise the risk of temptation to relapse.

What to do after drug rehab

The best way to achieve success from drug rehab is to follow the aftercare programme. The aftercare programme will help patients integrate back into society through group sessions and counselling. Success at drug rehab should be seen as a fresh start and previous routines should be avoided, as temptation to relapse may arise. When considering what to do after drug rehab, support is available to those who seek it, to ensure that nobody feels alone. By speaking to those who have been through the process previously, you can find someone to talk to and help you through the drug recovery process.

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