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31 Jul 19

Further calls have been made this week for more resourcing for the NHS to support recovery from what has been classed ‘a national epidemic’ of alcohol-related problems. A British Medical Journal report pointed to funding cuts of £100 million in England, an average of 30% per service, since 2012.  We at Port of Call welcome […]

18 Jul 19

A hospital admission is a crisis point for someone with alcohol issues, which can trigger change, but all too often it doesn’t. New figures obtained by Port of Call indicate the scale of people being admitted to hospital more than once for alcohol related issues – implying at least some did not get the help […]

18 Jul 19

It’s a sensible move to consider how to cope while you’re on holiday when you’ve been a drinker and are now trying to remain alcohol free.  Trips away are a time when usual constraints around alcohol are thrown out of the window, even for conservative drinkers. For many, alcohol has become linked with the entire […]

05 Jul 19

‘Rehab’ is not a standard term that means one singular thing, rather a descriptor for a variety of options and range of offers. There are many different types of rehab for all kinds of addictions and addictive behaviour. Rehab is something that can be carried out residentially or in the community and is distinct from […]

19 Jun 19

Tabloid exposes of celebrities on drugs feel like something we see on such a regular basis that it leaves you wondering who hasn’t done it. Prime Minister candidate Michael Gove faced a barrage of interest when he admitted to taking cocaine in his early career as a reporter. He is among those whose drug-taking did […]

07 Jun 19

It’s completely normal to be concerned or anxious about the specifics of what rehab will look and feel like. Every centre will have specific guidance around how the days will look, the treatment involved, the environment and what you can or cannot take with you. When you’re deciding which centre to go to it’s perfectly […]

31 May 19

Rehab is a concept that is alien to many and something we see widespread misconceptions and a limited mainstream understanding of.  We spend a lot of time answering questions about rehab and helping people to understand more about the choices they have and the experience that may await them in treatment. Here we work through […]

15 May 19

Assessing whether you or a loved one has an alcohol problem isn’t always easy. It’s natural for a sense of denial to be present. If it’s a loved one or friend you’re concerned about, they may have spent a lot of time insisting that you’re mistaken and their drinking is not abnormal. If you’re wondering […]

09 May 19

With Mental Health Awareness Week (13th – 19th May) now approaching we take a look at the proven link between mental health and addiction. “It was only when I got to my 20s and started having therapy I realised I had been using drugs and alcohol to self medicate,” says Billie Dee Gianfrancesco. “It was […]

08 May 19

Seeking help for an alcohol addiction can be stressful at the best of times, but the added worry of how you’ll pay for private rehab or private alcohol detox is an extra burden that you could likely do without. Port of Call looks at five funding options to help kickstart your recovery.

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